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An iconic campaign to protect Bangalore's pet dogs - which saw the rise of the #Petizen. › dr-anand-bbmp-why-punish-responsible-pet-ow...

Jun 2, 2018 - The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Sarfaraz Khan (Joint Commissioner Health & SWM, BBMP) and 1 other. BBMP Pet Dog ...

BAN ONLINE PET SALES › goi-pranay-chulet-awbi-ban-online-sale-of-pets-i...

​The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Pranay Chulet (CEO ... While these may stop once change petitions like this shut them down, more sites  ...

ABC FOR BANGALORE › abc-for-bangalore-bbmp-city-urgently-needs-eff...

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Raj Kumar Khatri ... heritage Queens Veterinary Hospital where ABC NGO Sarvodaya is housed , is 

CEASE ILLEGAL RELOCATION › ifma-cease-illegal-relocation-of-community-dogs

Relocation is against Supreme Court Rules. Yet it was happening. The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Special Commissioner ( Solid Waste Management, Administration, Welfare, Animal Husbandry), BBMP ...

STRICT ACTION AGAINST APARTMENTS BANNING PETS › strict-action-against-resident-apartment-associati...

​The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Bangalore Apartments Federation and 6 others. Its against the law to ban pets from residences and ..

PLEA  -POLICE LEASE OF EMPATHY FOR ANIMALS › bangalore-police-plea-police-lease-of-empathy-f...

Police is our biggest stakeholder in implementing  the laws on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, We need support and bright ideas. The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Bengaloru Police and 3 others. Police Lease of Empathy for Animals (PLEA). Objective. Let's make our ...

ACCELERATE PET LICENSING IN BANGALORE › bbmp-accelerate-pet-licensing-in-bangalore

​The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to accelerate pet licensing on Bangalore. Manjunath Prasad ... The current one is hopelessly out of date. ...

GOVERNMENT OFFICES TO LEAD  BY EXAMPLE › manjunath-prasad-government-offices-to-lead-b...

Whether it is Animal Birth Control or Prevention of Cruelty to Animals , Government Offices need to take the lead. Instead they have been known to be lax or even break the laws. The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Randeep D (Special Commissioner (Solid Waste Management, Administration, Welfare, Animal .

HAVE SAWBS IN ALL STATES › dr-harshvardhan-install-overdue-state-animal-we...

​The State Animal Welfare Board (SAWB) is required to create & implement the Animal Welfare laws. Yet many states don't have it or have let it lapse . Why ?The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Dr Harsh Vardhan ( Minister , Environment , Forests & Climate Change) and 3 others. Hardly 5 SAWBs ...


​How come these online channels can promote online pet sales which is regulated under the Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules ? Why is Quikr selling dogs hidden under the adoption tag?

 Jun 28, 2019 - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & Quikr, don't break Indian laws on online pet sales. 114 have signed. Let's get to 200! The CJ Memorial Trust ...

BANGALORE NEEDS MORE DOG PARKS › bangalore-needs-more-dog-parks

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Horticulture Minister and ... The iconic Sunday Dog Park @Cubbon Park , for example, is very popular ..


Glad to see that CJ Memorial Trust petition is making the impact needed to get action . This old petition required the BBMP to increase the numbers , and make Pet crematoria 24/7. It’s important, hygienic, cost efficient & respectful . Sign . Read online

D Randeep Special Commissioner for Health & SWM is being  abruptly transferred . 
We need D Randeep to continue his good work or the city & civic situation on Waste & Health will have to bear the brunt . ABC needs to conform to program guidelines & needs continuity to succeed so communities and dogs are safe 

IMPLEMENT SAWBS NATIONALLY AND STOP PET SHOP DOG SALE › harsh-vardhan-moefcc-buckette-list-implement-...

​Why wait for individual states to set up SAWB? Cant a centra mechanism make that happen? The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore started this petition to Harsh Vardhan MoEFCc and ... Having no SAWB in place, it means that the mechanism of checking, ..


Collaborative, Responsive & Innovative

Programming and community engagement are at the core of our strategy. We invest heavily in supporting the development of leadership, community and resources to help the dogs.  Discover more about our innovative campaigns below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.


Making a Difference


Tackling the Issue


Doing What’s Needed


Catalyzing Conscious Change

Join us in making a real difference.


1. Launch of CJ Memorial Community Guardian Award Sept 16 2012. Winners have been : Achala Pani, Founder, Lets Live Together ; Jessica Jerusha, Bismi Anil , Dumar Trust & Sudha Narayanan of CARE, Toni Freer of Haven 

2. Cubbon Park Canines Facebook Group created in 2013 

3. When dogs banned in Cubbon Park 2014 , CJMT set up and won a petition in 2014 to ensure Dogs allowed in Cubbon Park. So dogs had at least one space to roam free- this was a big victory for dog lovers of Bangalore. However great emphasis was placed on pet responsibilities as well by way of leashing, picking up poop, and being responsible in shared spaces.

4. Several other FB group & pages like The Buckette List for the Military Park dogs in 2014 and Cunningham Continentals in 2016

5. Streamlined and coordinated on the Sunday Dog Park to create Bangalore’s first green, open air, free play space for dogs

6. Strong community of dog lovers to focus on Park Feeding Rescue & upkeep of the dog park.

7. The Dog Park has become an informal training & socialising ground for Families and children who plan to adopt. Children understand the nitty gritty of dealing with real dogs, and also the responsibilities and joys involved. Advocacy and information dissemination is key 

8. National media coverage on the Dog Park as one of the finest open air and well maintained open air park for dogs, in addition to all the other initiatives taken up.

9. Cubbon Park Canines moved slowly from a fun interactive group to enable many Rescue & Adoption focused cases. Although that is not part of CJMT Charter , the good news is that in the last year , over a 100 dogs adopted or rehomed , 45 pet dogs neutered due to peer group suggestions , 13 lost pet dogs reunited, 18 cases of home breeding deferred due to advocacy posts on group. Over 21 dog parents who were under pressure to give up their dogs or move out of Apartment Complexes as well as 15 cases of dog feeders who were abused /mistreated , were encouraged to use the AWBI law to ensure their rights were protected. Also, about 10 cases of animal abuse and cruelty successfully handled.

10. Archiving Information & laws on standard topics on the group for easy referral like Prevention of Cruelty Act, AWBI rules, dog feeding, apartment rules, pet boarding, lost dog, dog diets, perils of home breeding etc. were made and pinned.

11. Advocacy for #adoptdontshop & #noPuppyMills #NoBreeders through the FB groups and physical interactions at park

12. Many adoption camps and tie ups with shops and fairs to have space for adoptions

13. Petitioned and accelerated the dormant BBMP Pet Crematorium with BBMP in 2015

14. Set up India’s first Pet Grief Support Group on FB – Goodbye Tails.

15. Set up a Facebook support group for assisting in relocating dogs overseas , especially Indies called the Global Indie. Due to many dogs being abandoned by companies relocating employees overseas , a petition for IT companies to incorporate a pet policy in their HR Relocation policy was set up

16. Created and led a successful campaign called #NoMoreLostDogs #DogTaggedNotDogGone to ensure dogs were tagged with their name & owners mobile. Tied up with two agencies to allow online tag orders at 35% discount to pet parents. 1600 plastic dog tags were sent & distributed to vet clinics, pet boarding places, training centers and rescue shelters. At the Sunday Dog Park alone, about 6000 tags were given away to date about 8000 in total,  after ensuring parents understood its importance , safety and impact. This simple , hardworking campaign created huge organic move towards #NoMoreLostDogs & more responsible pet ownership. It is estimated that about 10 dogs were safer/saved due to this . The community of lost dog parents also came together to help others in similar plights , creating an important synergy.

17. The Animal Birth Control (ABC) Campaign received a shot in the arm by the CJMT support of the Queens Vet Hospital issue , as well as direct interaction & engagement with the BBMP to enlarge scope and streamline operations for success.The Facebook Group Knights for Queens were successful in saving trees and ensuring BBMP committed to bringing back Sarvodaya on CBD Queens campus. In addition , many online petitions were set up especially the petition support for the ABC program, in addition to asking for the faster and more efficient laparoscopic surgery method 

FB Group CABC set up with Harini and created one of the most dynamic and robust ABC community for advocacy, implementation & escalation .  Works closely with BBMP 

18. A first of its kind for BBMP Pet Licensing via the tie up with BBMP , was detailed and fleshed out , leading to 225 licenses being issued in 4 hours by BBMP at Cubbon Dog Park on 17 July, as against 153 licenses issued over 12 months of 2015 by BBMP. There were at least another 50 who were keen to register but beyond the timings. It was hugely appreciated and the BBMP themselves requested the second Pet Licensing Camp in North Zone. Here on 20th August, at the second license camp 153 license, 10 renewals were done, and with Sarvodaya partnering with CPC & CJMT, 50 dogs had a free medical test & 5 community dogs were neutered in a first of its kind mobile neuter clinic. Awareness created has gone a long way to more responsible pet ownership and documentation. A petition to request BBMP to accelerate the licensing process was put up via

19. CPC Membership Milestones -commemorated Member No 4000, 5000, 6000 , 7000 to acknowledge leaders and animal lovers into the group . (We are now at 12000 with 10000 on the waiting list )These were Industry Leaders Ravi Venkatesh, Rekha Menon, Cartoonist Paul Fernandes, & BBMP Joint Commissioner Sarfaraz Khan & others.

20. CD Vaccination Drive undertaken on Jan 1st with Happy Paws Foundation and money raised for vaccines, as many CD ( the dreaded Canine Distemper) cases were being reported in Bangalore , and a couple at Cubbon park, putting other Parkies and people’s pets in danger . In addition, people were dumping CD dogs in the park – two Park dogs died , and this resulted in the massive two part drive with over 30 volunteers and later dog catchers, securing the dogs themselves , where over 60 dogs were vaccinated against Canine Distemper as well as Rabies. Subsequently coordinated with BBMP on world  Vet day to enable 500 anti rabies vaccine given out. 

21. Set up drives to donate to CUPA & CARE. When Charlie Narayanan , mascot of CARE passed away, CPC organised a donation a day for a month in his memory. This was much appreciated.

22. An attempt to engage with the Bangalore police force to help in animal related matters like abuse, breeding, transportation and lost dogs etc. was initiated with a petition Very often police find the many animal cases be it loss, abuse, transportation, cruelty difficult to deal with , and don’t enter or accept cases, and this dilutes the issue. By this we hope to remind them of their duty and support the transition as well. There was effort to enable and publicly appreciate occasions when police was empathetic and action oriented in such cases.

23. Special interest Facebook groups like DOWD i.e. Dogs With Diabetes were set up to help dogs & their parents with specific issues and care .

24. Little Masters of the Dog World, a group of kids, to recognise the efforts by kids to help animals later this year.

25. The Compassionate Vet Award along with the Best Vet Tech Award to be instituted 2019 

26. DWIDdlywinks , an unusual group to promote interaction , engagement & joyful synergy between Dogs With Disability and differently abled people was set up.

27. FB Groups for Special needs dogs eg Dogs with Diabetes and Dogs with IMT were set up  

28. Efforts to push pet ecosystem to create and grow a more robust pet support were stepped up as this would enable greater pet absorption. Pet Matrix on FB set up 

29. #IndieFocus - promotion of Indian dog / street dog care and adoption 

30. Safety for Children. Annual Christmas Safety camp for kids. Santa Bow Wow is a big success at Cubbon Dog Park

31. Knights of Cubbon Bark a FB page setup to have strong volunteers for Cubbon Park and these  Knights are a bonded high performance group . 

32. A Virtual Pet Parkie (VPP) Parent Project was set up to get more people involved in the Park Dogs and virtually take care of them 


Important  Animal Laws You should know (click here for a summary)


Strong set of rules that guide the framework for Dog Breeding and Marketing in India. Download the pdf here. 


An important and stringent framework for Pet Shops in the country


The key legal  framework for animal law in India. Revised a few times to include ABC  etc
Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act provides that if any person allows, or himself beats, kicks or tortures, in any way, any animal subjecting it to unnecessary pain and suffering will be liable to pay a fine of upto 50 Rs. In case of repetition of the offence, the fine will increase or an imprisonment for 3 months will be granted

INDIAN PENAL CODE 1860  428 & 429

Section 428 in The Indian Penal Code
428. Mischief by killing or maiming animal of the value of ten rupees.—Whoever commits mischief by killing, poisoning, maiming or rendering useless any animal or animals of the value of ten rupees or upwards, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.
Section 429 in The Indian Penal Code
429. Mischief by killing or maiming cattle, etc., of any value or any animal of the value of fifty rupees.—Whoever commits mis­chief by killing, poisoning, maiming or rendering useless, any elephant, camel, horse, mule, buffalo, bull, cow or ox, whatever may be the value thereof, or any other animal of the value of fifty rupees or upwards, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both.


Download judgment here However there are no provisions related to pets in bye-laws. Whatever the General Body decides is final and binding on members as long as it does not ‘ultra vire’ the laws of the land.

There has been a judgement that has set a precedent for housing societies on how to treat pets. “The Central Mumbai Consumer Redressal Forum had rapped a Mahim Society for charging one of its members Rs 500 for each of his two dogs using the elevator. Noting that pets are members of a modern, urban family unit, the forum ruled there is no reason why pets can’t use elevators when outsiders, have access to the facility without any charges. “We don't find the Society’s view correct of restricting dogs to move up and down via staircase and be cruel to them. The charges to be paid by complainant i.e. charge them an extra Rs 500 towards each dog is illegal, and is an instance of unfair trade practice. In Indian culture, dogs are common pets and usually treated as lovingly as other members of the family.”


Apartments cannot use privately developed rules to bypass the Constitution and Supreme Court. Banning pets , charging additional fines & discriminating against pets and their owners is illegal, as per the Bangalore Apartments Federation. Read more here  PetOwnership_Apartments.pdf 


BBMP has created a system by which victims of dog bite are attended to and compensated. Ensure you help any community members , particularly disadvantaged ones by informing the BBMP Asst Director - AH and sharing the compensation rules herein.

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