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Action on Dumped dogs needed at Queens & Hebbal Vet Hospitals

12 April 2022

The Secretary


Vikasa Soudha



Dear Sir/Ma’am :

Subject : Dumping of dogs at Govt Veterinary Hospitals on Queens Road and Hebbal campus .

It has been shocking to see the number of pups, sick dogs and abandoned dogs and cats that have been left in Queens veterinary hospital (especially since its relaunch recently) as well as on an ongoing basis at the Hebbal veterinary hospital for the last few years. Specifically at the Queens hospital it is unconscionable that there have been 16 pups left in the last 2 days at the hospital . Sixteen! Last time it was 27 pups over a few days. We are struggling to get formula, fosters and medication. Due to lack of security CCTV camera lack of enforcement some of the rescuers and people there are trying to help these innocent animals as best as they could this is perhaps the 100th animal in the last few months : this is going beyond what is feasible particularly since it is not the authorities but the rescuers and animal lovers who are scrambling to try and get some help for these poor animals while shelters are overflowing, funds are limited and there seems to be no responsible person taking any interest or reaching out to help on this issue. Here is a google link to some of those we have saved.

I presciently pointed out this possibility in my Dec 21 letter regarding the Queens Veterinary hospital to Major Manivannan and team . While the veterinary hospital at Queens Road would get more popular ,certainly this kind of things would happen particularly under the cover of night and so I requested that we make some arrangement or keep some space aside for such cases in addition to having better security and CCTV. We are all aware that abandonment of animals is a crime under the PCAA but the fact is it is happening quite heavily. Particularly those animals which either brought in by indigent parents or unfortunate reporters who unable to find treatment just leave them there. Some deliberately relocate pups or dogs in their area and leave them here. Some of the cases have been truly heart-breaking with dogs either very ill or on their last stages struggling to make some sense of the sudden new surroundings and new space and territorial animals around. There must be some heart and some compassion on this issue and it is extremely unfair that people with a good heart are being pushed into taking all the responsibility and stretching themselves to find homes or fosters or medical care food for these animals when the government does absolutely nothing. This is neither sustainable nor can we walk way.

We would suggest the following:

1. Have a specific facility in this campus where there is a possibility these animals can be taken care of

2. Please do provide some financial support and expansion facilities to existing shelters so animals can be taken in . as part of KAWB, Bangalore SPCA, some financial provision must be made.

3. Karuna has to be restarted and used only for cases like this so that that their large facility can be properly leveraged rather than being used as a money making option within the veterinary campus.

4. We must get more spaces that are available in and around Bangalore where these 4 animals can be taken care. The rear part of the Queens Road campus can be used.

5. Better awareness and education programs needed so that people understand that abandonment is illegal and that police also must step up to ensure that such cases are at least addressed on a high priority.

6. CCTV and Security must be improved to control and document this.

7. Doctors on campus must extend a hand of assistance to these animals too

Whether it is the animal husbandry department and/or BBMP under which these animals come under, it clearly is falling on the plight of very heavily burdened animal lovers to constantly keep their life on hold to support these helpless animals. It is especially ironic that the very place that should be taking special care of them or treating them is completely uninterested or turns a cold shoulder to these voiceless animals. We must develop and institutionalise compassion for these animals while we must also prevent things like this from happening. We would request a meeting for this to be quickly addressed so that this constant barrage of abandoned animals which are being completely neglected is urgently addressed.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

CJ Memorial Trust

CC: Special Commr - BBMP


CC: To All others concerned

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