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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

#ActionOnAmmu I’ve had it. I’m tired of heartbreak, shock, rage and the uphill battle to acknowledge a snuffed out life like Ammu’s with merely an FIR, a PM and CCTV footage. We can’t address tragedies. We need to PREVENT them. Our letter to BBMP on this is below

BBMP Needs to escalate the CD Isolation Centre that can allow later ABC (when dog is better)- we HAVE to. Ammu was a CD survivor so she was not operated, so I hear that the next time she went for surgery she was already pregnant. .

We waste our emotion when we don’t look at constructive action to prevent and reform similar events . It’s not the angry rants for punishment, that matters, or the justified rage that lasts as long as it can be stretched. And sometimes that terrible negative spite & malice.

Real emotion is when you turn it into actionable components and change making levers that PREVENT similar brutal tragedies of many Ammus.

That’s integrity, that’s sincerity and true animal welfare. Everything else is words and a show. Make this count BBMP, we should not have to ask ..

Whether a CD recovered dog or not, she Shd have been operated to prevent pups. Right now we STILL have NO info on the sanctioned *CD isolation center* where they can be safely operated , cared and released. Before we debate on the undoubtedly valid issue of a CD mothers’ health , tell me what is the fault of those Little pups born to a CD positive dog? We have 4 sets of CD dogs opposite MS BUILDING, the very seat of bureaucracy, and they have had pups. How do we explain that ? Can’t we form a proper plan, rather than skating the issue?

We have mentioned this so many times but there remains silence. We need to move forward on this with vigor, not reluctance. This stance is hurting the city, it’s compassionate nature and it’s walking the talk. So let’s walk. And now


Ammu's Story:

#Update: 14 Feb 2022 DCP Anuchet kindly stepped in, & Insp Maruthi, PSI Shobha at Cubbon Station ensured @vikash , Dr Malappa @ TJ Eswar of CUPA filed a complaint & ensured AHVS could officially perform the PM. It’s now on .

We hope animal cruelty gets better addressed in the future.,


Ammu, a mother dog allegedly stoned to death at a Skyline construction site, Rest House Road Sunday 13 Feb 22 while her four pups run the risk of facing the same fate. Since the time of informer Bernie’s frantic reach out to Priya Chetty-Rajagopal around 8 pm, facts checked, there’s been running around to get the pups safe, the dog sent for a PM, FIR filed etc. But since reporter Karan ‘s mobile was not known, last night , we had a few delays. We hear he has reported to the cops also and they came and took two of the culprits to police station last night. The Pups safe with Vikash Bafna for now and later Sanjana Madappa or Mehvash of Frazer Canine Squad.

Even though the Queens Hospital was open and with full team, and agreed we could go there for PM , they later sent poor Vikash back on a technicality. The sheer disrespect for ordinary, Good Samaritan citizens is so unfortunate. So the Search for a freezer was on , the usual running around and we manages the paperwork till past midnight. Almost sent the body to to Cessna Hpspital - till CUPA was kind enough to open up trauma center and allow use of their freezer .

Bangalore is a sad place to be persons who care for animals. While we know everyone that matters, and we did all we could, we are STILL here. Imagine the fate of the less connected or informed .

We really to fix the gray area and stop hiding behind the passive-aggressive government attitude of merely tick marking help, but rather focus on outcomes and the -spirit- of what is needed.

The dog was next to Former Chief Justice Michael Saldanha’s house, and was also kindly fed by his staff, so I’m sure he will also support the process for justice.

Gratitude to the team who jumped in, you know who you are. And to the exhausted Vikash who did what he did ..

Let’s see what tomorrow brings for the poor mama dog and if others like the RWA, AHVS Teams and police will support.


ActionForAmmu BBMP Letter
Download DOCX • 70KB

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