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Animal Impact of the Bangalore Lockdown

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The Bangalore Lockdown has started on April 27 2021 . We don't need to worry so much as animal lovers, with the learnings of last time. We have a circular from BBMP that covers all aspects . Mr Randeep D, Spl Commisioner BBMP -AH and his team have been ome step ahead. The Asst directors under Dr Shinde, JD are even ready to given individual permission letters to feeders is they are facing difficulty.

Grateful that the Member Secretary, #KAWB (Karnataka Animal Welfare Board) Dr Shivaram BN has promptly issued this #circular on ACT’s request for #AnimalProtection & Care during the temporary #lockdown. It is these initiatives from @ACT-AH&VS Taskforce which is a public-private platform that enable and drive on ground action that in turn, helps us all.

Much appreciated Dr Shivaram (who is also Dir-AHVS), AHVS Commr, all DD’s and Maj Mani, Secretary AHVS.

Stay calm.

Hug your Streetie !

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