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Bangalore SPCA must reclaim Historical SPCA office at Cubbon Park/Kasturba Road

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

29 Nov 2021

Maj Manivannan P

Chairman- KSAWB Executive Committee

Vikasa Soudha

Bangalore 560001

Dear Sir:

Subject: Request that Bangalore SPCA reclaim Historical SPCA office at Cubbon Park/Kasturba Road

As you might be aware, the small building at Cubbon Park/Kasturba Road corner has been assigned to the SPCA right from the late 1800s. It was occupied and utilized as an SPCA office for a long time. Records show SPCA was set up in 1888 but registered as a charity in May 1916. Originally in the early 1900s, this was used for upkeep and treatment of the horses of the Mounted police or British horse riders in the park , as well as taking care of any accident or cruelty cases to other animals like dogs and cats via SPCA. Post-independence, it was re allotted to Bangalore SPCA.

However, after change of AWBI rules, SPCA became an institutional body and the erstwhile SPCA Bangalore was transitioned into a private NGO and named as Karuna. They continue to occupy the same office over the last 30 years, even though it is not used at all.

Given the formation of the KAWB after a long gap, as well as the District Bangalore Urban SPCA in 2020, it is only right & fitting that the SPCA Administrative office be reclaimed and located at its historical central place of inception, where it can do much good and add value to the animal lovers and animals around in the city. As of now, it has slipped most of our attention that a private NGO/Trust like Karuna despite complete non-use, continues to use or lease this from AHVS and the University.

You had already given an informal go ahead in your citizen interaction , but an official confirmation on the Bangalore SPCA office being restored to its original and historical location would be much appreciated . Our sincere thanks in advance.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Managing Trustee

CC: Dr Umapathi , Member Secretary , Bangalore Urban SPCA

CC: Mr Basavarajendra , Commissioner , AHVS

CC: Dr M Palegar – Director – AHVS

CC; Mr Rajender Kataria , Secretary – Horticulture – for info

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