top of page Petition : Withdraw Govt Order to shut down 28 Govt Vet Clinics in Bangalore

"We need more, better staffed ,stocked, equipped veterinary hospitals in Bangalore. Imagine our shock when we saw a unilateral  government order 15th December 2 023 confirming the closure of 28 Govt Vet Clinics in Bangalore. Ostensibly the reason is to transfer the facilities and staff to rural areas where the need is greater. When we are in complete agreement that the entire state of Karnataka  needs more, accessible and better veterinary care, there is absolutely no logic in assuming we need to shut down one in order  open another. By that logic DO BOTH.  in fact we had asked for BETTER stocking, staffing & equipment at current govt let clinics in an earlier online petition It’s ironic that instead of improving these clinics as requested by us citizens, the GoK is now looking at REMOVING them. What a sad commentary. 

In cities, both the human population and the animal population have increased. By that same token & logic,  is GoK going to remove some primary health centres (meant for human beings) and move them to the villages? Why is this logic then applied only to animal health? Most people cannot afford expensive private vet clinics - where will they go now ?

A state like Karnataka  needs responsive and effective veterinary care across the state whether it is state capital districts or villages. We fully support that. We do not support this binary argument where we can choose to do one or we can do the other. Do both ensure that the animals of both the state capital and the state get the care that they still desperately need. We are at a loss to  understand this highly retrograde step which ensures that animals will actually suffer and be deprived life-saving care that they so desperately need. Indeed,  the harm done to animals, their owners, pets and pet parents  in Bangalore is unimaginable. Where do these poor animals and caretakers in Blr  go?

Secondly, why has this decision  without any transparency, proper discussion or metrics been taken so unilaterally and arbitrarily? As citizens and animal lovers we've had no idea that this has been a decision that was to be taken. We repeat that we are completely  in agreement that all the animals especially cattle in underserved rural areas of Karnataka need veterinary care. However, we completely disagree and denounce that it can be done at the expense of effective, accessible vet care in the state capital. It is indeed a very cruel and shortsighted position. If the idea is to access budget or to save costs and staff time it is a cruel decision and has no merit at all. in a farsighted and dynamic state like ours, we grow and move FORWARD, not regress back.

We would like the government to re-look at this order immediately,  arrange for a discussion with Citizens if need be, but definitely withdraw the Govt Order closing down these vet clinics & centres given its focus on prevention of cruelty to animals. We need the government to be compassionate, collaborative and clear headed on this issue, not retrograde and shortsighted . 

WHERE will our animals GO?"

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