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DCP South Police Chief shows canine compassion by example! Streeties trained to help patrol cops

The article below is on the front page of todays Indian Express!

CJ Memorial Trust has been relentless in its request to get the government to take a more compassionate and inclusive view of street dogs. Its great to see progress ! Our earlier online petition clearly outlines several ideas the police can action. And once in a while the government shows heart, and they DO!

Kudos to our Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao and to DCP South Rohini Katoch Sapat, for undertaking this experiment to get more dogs to be a part of the local police stations. We are glad they are listening to us and we look forward to support them even more in their endeavour to be more caninely compassionate!

The above Facebook post has 32000+ views, 200+ shares and growing!

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