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Empty The Shelters ( When the Buying Stops, the Breeding will Too)

3 day Nanuk , a Husky pup, was dumped on a lane off Commercial Street today , hind legs cut off. She has not even opened her. eyes. She was rushed to CARE, where OPD staff and vets wept as they removed the maggots from the tiny stumps, stitched & bandaged them up and then stitched the gash on her tiny head. She whimpered and made small mewling cries right through, until a stuffed purple elephant toy was placed next to her.

That Husky, Lab, Shih-Ttzu, Maltese pedigree pup we buy? Adorable. Meet the products that don't reach you , as quality checks have cut them off. That is Nanuk, or Polar Bear, (a place she should have been) who lay suffering near a drain, born at the wrong place and time. So what shall we do for her? And what about the 1000 Nanuks you NEVER see? How do we protect them?

The laws are tight, but we don't enforce them. The Mind and Heart is tight, and we don't open them. THIS ridiculous cycle of abuse and breeding has to stop . IT HAS TO STOP. We need to come together and make it happen. I REFUSE to helplessly wring my hands and weep any more. We can DO THIS.

We demand that state governments and city councils :

-Prominently and Forcefully promote #AdoptDontShop

-Empty the Shelters. Stop sale of any dogs till the shelters are empty

-Provide alternate employment to those in the breeding and pet sales industry either in shelters, animal welfare boards etc so they do not go back to their lucrative but blood soaked business

-Sign a pledge - that all schools and offices will commit to follow a #AdoptDontShop agenda.

There are a thousand more tragedies around us, bleeding and abused breeder dams (mothers), ill & deformed pups, and broken families. I can show you the pictures and tell you their tragic stories every day. Must I ? Its time we show them what compassion is. STOP THE BUYING. #NoMoreNanuks

Rescued is the best Breed.


Start today.

Sign and share :

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