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GoK Circular on RWA AOA and Feeder issue

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Circular from GoK on the RWA,AOA and Feeder Issue

The circular from the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services clearly covers

  • Pet issues in RWA and AOA

  • Community Dogs

  • Feeders - their right to feed etc

No one can stop us from having a pet , or feeding a dog and interfering with that or creating rules against that are not permissible or legal.

With this clarity , while we as animal lovers need to continue on our task on caring and feeding our community dogs, PLEASE ensure that courtesy, respect for space, timings and a sensitivity to others who may be scared - is also kept. While it is our duty and privilege to feed dogs and supported by the law snd the governments , please also note that it is also our bounden duty to work with BBMP and get the dogs spayed and regularly vaccinated , to protect the human and animal community we live in.

Rights AND responsibilities go hand in hand.

Letter 1

Later Revised Circular

Revised RWA AOO Guidelines AHVS 08-25-2020 13.48.35
Download PDF • 1.05MB

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