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Hood'lums - Handling Chasing Dogs in our 'Hood. Or Trying to..

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

We set up an FB event today after an impassioned chat on our Indiranagar Canine Squad whatsapp:

Beloved streeties , chasing bikes, nipping at heels, fighting and barking and making human community angry and us feeders super stressed and guilty. What do we do ? The Fake News on Feeders has created even more of a nuisance.

Many in the Canine squads are suffering the same issue. Here’s one such caring caretaker's story that’s familiar to all of us. So how do we deal with this? Should we?

'Squad - I need some advice. We rescued a dog - Remy from the gutters of EGL. He was bitten by many dogs, ABC surgery gone bad leading to extremely painful infection and resurgery required, and also been diagnosed with Pemphigus - an auto-immune disease that requires us to pump him with steroids for pain management. He is very protective of our house. And runs up to people who are walking, cycling, talking and barks loudly at them. for those not comfortable with dogs, this can be scary. One neighbor who is well versed with the law had complained about this. So we moved Remy's dog house inside our compound but with open access for him to go out thinking this will reduce Remy's desire to float and help him feel more safe. Now this neighbor has raised the issue again - and is using legal "liability of foster stray parents" language and asking us to find a "permanent" solution.

NOTE: Remy has NOT bitten a single person. Just runs up and barks at them. I do understand that some adults may not feel comfortable to walk our street or children may not be happy that they lost another lane to bike on - but that could happen on any street if a new doggo shows up. So - what should we do? we are feeding Remy twice a day, we are making sure he gets his expensive meds daily, taking him for injections once a month so that his pain can be managed. Relocating him - first of all - where? but would also mean that Remy will lose the care he needs to live with the pain he has from this disease...'

We can relate to the humans but what about the poor Remys we know ?

Lets TALK about this

There are many viewpoints, thoughts on how to approach this issue, the method to use.

Let’s work backwards. The longer and harder it is to do, the less people that do it and the more dogs on the radar to be attacked. And there could be more beloved but naughty community dogs like Saya found in dead in a gunny sack. And that’s heartbreaking. Avoidable.

Results. To save them. To keep them safe. For them. For feeders. For their community. We owed Saya. We owe Remy.

And many dogs in our ‘hood who didn’t get the training or inputs needed to save their life.

Let’s not.

This is the informal Powerpoint made, which you see in the video.

HoodLums Chasing Dogs ICS Zoom Talk
Download PPTX • 617KB

Here is the Zoom discussion recording on YouTube . Lots more to cover , but we have made a start . Glad to have had Devisri Sarkar on the call , as she works closely with Indies

Some extracts of the conversation

Please share your thoughts and comments.

We must keep our humans and dogs safe in our community .

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