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Kalburgi Killing - KAWB Needs more work

24 Oct 2021

Dr M Palegar

Member Secretary – KAWB

Pashupalana Bhavan


Bangalore 560042

Dear Sir:

Subject: KAWB related issues

We need your help to get the KAWB structure and its welfare objectives achieved. Many letters, PowerPoint presentations and emails (copies enclosed) have been sent since KAWB’s inception in 2019, but we must hope a more robust structure is brought in. While thanking you for the great work put in by you and the team under guidance of Hon Minister and Secretary for AHVS on 24/7 Helpline and Hospital, we would request the following:

1. Post the shameful Shimoga tragedy, we had requested you to please send circular to the DD requesting for proper focus on animal welfare, prevention of cruelty, ABC & ARV, ensure no culling and relocation of dogs etc. I emphasized that this would avoid a repeat of Shimoga incident. We unfortunately did not get the courtesy of a response to our letter, email or whatsapp from you.

2. Now Kalburgi has also happened where for the second time in one year the taluk commissioner has instructed dogs (including pregnant and lactating mothers) to be barbarically caught, taken away & killed – videos were shared with you- but though we called up all concerned but did not get any response as such from you. You instead asked us to send a letter so you could act, after which there was only silence.

3. As KAWB, we should prevent not react, as I have repeatedly requested, and all these incidents bring great shame to our beloved state and the institution of the KAWB. We request strong action to be taken on this against concerned officers to set an example, so there is a clear message to ensure no recurrence.

4. ACT (AHVS- Citizen Task force) whatsapp group was set up as a PPP under the minister’s approval and the support of both the Secretaries at the time. From Ms Rashmi Mahesh, Mr AB Ibrahim, Capt Manivannan, Ms Kalpana Gopalan, Mr RK Kataria and then Maj Manivannan. Much help was given in Covid pandemic due to the ACT team’s efforts, plus Dr Shivaram, Dr Umapathi & other officers’ inputs.

5. The Member Secretary KAWB must formally write, meet, and take the help of the state police (please note the letter we sent to the DGP in support of KAWB). Without this, how can we prevent or penalize animal cruelty? This has been a two-year effort and is critical to KAWB’s success. Why is this not done?

6. The 31 SPCAs are not entirely functional to my knowledge, as there are no records available of any meetings. Bangalore Urban SPCA has had 2 meetings so far as DC Manjunath is proactive. In fact, he mentioned he would like our District SPCA to be a model SPCA for the country. We need such leaders.

7. Except for the last Executive Committee meeting of KAWB, there have been no attempts to take suggestions and inputs for the KAWB work from citizens and animal lovers. Even these inputs from the last time are not shared or put in the ACT group. Some even say that KAWB is being deliberately diluted.

8. We need to get some funding for KAWB. The constant response of lack of funds makes one really surprised on where taxpayers’ money goes. We need medicines, shelters for animals (incl dogs etc) at all districts, and clearly managed ABC/ARV program in each district, taluk and panchayat. The ABC ARV must be organized from municipal funds but under your support & expertise. Please refer my letter to Mr. Atheeq RDPR, with a copy to you for action

The Honorable Minister wanted our state to lead as a welfare oriented and compassionate one across the country. It can happen only if the KAWB under your leadership orients in a transparent and proper way to the tasks at hand and works responsively and collaboratively with citizens like us.

We look forward to your kind action and the courtesy of a response.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

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