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Karnataka KMC, KPC Act must be updated reflect current PCA

While a central law or a Supreme Court directive automatically overrules the concerned sections in these state acts in KMC, KPC and RDPR, its still the first go to document in training as as the officers and staff's go-to manual. Who's going to refer to another document so why create confusion or cause inadvertent harm ? Please centrally update and make it easy and easier to follow.

For example the Karnataka Police Act says

43. Destruction of stray dogs.—(1) The Commissioner and the Superintendent in areas under their respective charges may, from time to time by public notice, and after consultation with the Health Officer of the area concerned or other prescribed officer of the Department of Public Health, proclaim that any stray dogs found during such period as may be specified in the said notice, wandering in the streets or in any public place may be destroyed, and any dog so found within such period may be destroyed accordingly. (2) The authority empowered under sub-section (1) may, by public notice, require that every dog, while in any street or public place and not led by some person, shall be muzzled in such a manner as effectually to prevent it from biting, while not obstructing its breathing or drinking and the Police may, so long as such notice remains in force, destroy, or take possession of and detain, any dog found loose without muzzle in any street or place beyond the premises of the owner thereof: Provided that any dog so found wearing a collar on which an apparently genuine name and address of an owner is inscribed, shall not, unless it is rabid, be forthwith destroyed, but information of the detention thereof shall forthwith be sent by post or otherwise to such owner. (3) Any dog which has been detained under sub-section (2) for a period of three clear days without the owner providing a muzzle and paying all expenses connected with such detention, may be destroyed or sold with the sanction and under the orders of the competent authority.

Here's another :

92. Punishment of certain street offences and nuisance.—(1) In any local area to which the Government by notification in the official Gazette from time to time extends this sub-section or any clause thereof, whoever, contrary thereto,—

  1. (k) negligently lets loose any horse or other animal, so as to cause danger, injury, alarm or annoyance to the public, or suffers a ferocious dog to be at large without a muzzle, or sets on or urges a dog or other animal to attack, worry or put in fear any person or animal;

So DPAR, Police, KMC, RDPR, please update ?

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