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KAWB 2024 Committee still not constituted , AWBI


18 March 2024


Ms. Anjali Gopalan

Member, AWBIAnimal Welfare Board of India

42 KM Stone, Delhi-Agra Highway, National Highway-2, Village-Seekri,

Ballabhgarh, Faridabad, Haryana -121 004


Dear Madam:


Subject: Karnataka State Animal Welfare Board (KAWB) committee still not constituted


After the change of government, the Karnataka State Animal Welfare Board remains in limbo with the old members moving on and new members not even proposed or discussed. This oversight ensures that the state animal welfare board (SAWB), it’s impact on animal cruelty, implementation of various measures and general oversight and implementation is completely missing. Thanks to this lack of leadership & direction, the 31 district SPCS are also on slow or hold, many policies are held up, as there is no accountability or structure for coordination. The Director of Animal Husbandry, also the Member Secretary of the KAWB, Dr Manjunath Palegar must step up, lead, and take his duties as the welfare head for Karnataka. This is completely missing as of now.


There are many other things which are also in limbo and with the changes of minister and the third animal husbandry secretary appointed in the last four months, there is a complete gap in any measures related to Animal welfare. Considering the complexity and breadth of Animal welfare issues, the AWBI must ensure that all states have a functioning state animal welfare board so that all the activities and monitoring under the board guidance can continue. While animal lovers and welfarists struggle for basics, it is extremely troubling that there has been no intervention in this regard for the last six months since the new government has come in.


While there remain several issues which need a urgent attention at the State and district levels especially when it comes to ABC and ARV, we need this KAWB committee constitution to be quickly addressed as a first step. We request you to please action this on priority and reconfirm to us.


Thanking You

Yours Sincerely


Priya Chetty-Rajagopal



Copy via email:


·       Hon Minister- AHVS, Karnataka

·       Secretary – AHVS Karnataka

·       Secretary, AWBI

·       Asst Secretary AWBI

·       Alwyn Sebastian, Hon Legal Advisor, KAWB

·       Concerned animal lovers.

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