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KAWB Support for Upcoming Kambala festival in Karnataka

20 Sept 2023

Chairman – Executive Committee


Vikasa Soudha

Bangalore 560001

Dear Madam:

Subject: Upcoming Kambala festival in Karnataka

Given the traditional Buffalo racing festival in Karnataka comes up from November (see Annexure) , it becomes imperative for KAWB to ensure that this sport is conducted with the highest standards of compassion. Since the ordinance promulgated by the President in June 2017, ratified the Karnataka Second Amendment Act, 2017 PCA this festival is now legal and part of the cultural tradition of Karnataka. Section 3 (1)says : conduct of “Kambala” or “Bulls race or Bullock cart race” shall be permitted, subject to condition that no unnecessary pain or suffering is caused to the animals, by the person in charge of that animal used to conduct “Kambala” or “Bulls race or Bullock cart race” as the case may be and subject to such other conditions as may be specified, by the State Government, by notification." Also Section 4(f) says: the conduct of “Kambala” with a view to follow and promote tradition and culture and ensure preservation of native breed of buffalos as also their safety, security and wellbeing. However there have been many instances Human injuries and of inadvertent or deliberate animal cruelty and many FIRs have been filed in several locations for the same under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the Performing Animals Registration Rules and IPC 429 etc. We understand that the Kambala dates are announced and there will be one In Bangalore’s Palace Grounds this year

As a matter of abundant caution, I would like to respectfully ask what steps KAWB is taking to ensure a safe, properly managed and compassionate conduct of the upcoming Kambala festival. In addition, I would request that a clear & firm circular go out to all the 18 Kambala Samithis, 31 District SPCAs (especially Udipi & Mangalore areas), Police, DMs etc to clearly outline the process to be followed as well as list preventive measures to ensure that there is no inadvertent cruelty to the animal during this festival. This would include health checks done on the animals, proper conduct of the festival to avoid cruelty (whipping, pulling the nose rope or putting chili in the eyes) and other such terrible acts. We also must make sure that there are KAWB representatives, NGOs & SPCA officers available to create pre-event awareness & monitor the festivals and sufficiently veterinary care available and provided to the cattle after the conduct of this festival.

Information also must go out to the police and the administrative machinery to ensure that they are informed, aligned, and will take adequate preventive measures to ensure the safe conduct of the festival and cruelty prevention for the animals. We would be grateful if you could share your plan of action, circular, plans for awareness and administrative machinery readiness to safely contact the Kambala festival for Karnataka. I look forward to hearing from you and to ensure that these animals are not harmed in anyway, while preserving the cultural tradition of our state.

Look forward to your earliest response and action plan.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

CC: DGP, Karnataka Police

CC: Dr Palegar, Member Secretary , KAWB

CC: Prachi, Secretary , AWBI


Annexure: Kambala Dates 2023-24


Kambala Dates/Location 2023/2024

1.  11 November, 2023 Gurupura, Mangalore

2.  18 November, 202 Kakyapadavu, Bantwala, Mangalore

3.  25 November, 2023 Palace Grounds, Bengaluru

4.  2 December, 2023 Moodubidire, Mangalore

5.  9 December, 2023 Baaradi beedu, Karkala, Udupi

6.  17 December, 2023 Naringana , Bantwala(Near Deralakatte)

7.  23 December, 2023 Mulki Arasu, Mangalore

8.  30 December, 2023 Mangalore Bangrakooluru

9.  6 January, 2024 Miyaru, Karkala, Udupi

10.  13 January, 2024 Hokkadigoli, near Venoor, Mangalore

11.  20 January, 2024 Adve Nandikooru, Padubidri, Udupi

12.  27 January, 2024 Putturu, Mangalore

13.  3 February, 2024 Aikala, Kinnigoli, Mangalore

14.  10 February, 2024 Jeppu(Jeppina Mogaru), Mangalore

15.  17 February, 2024 Vamanjoor, Mangalore

16.  24 February, 2024 Katapadi, Udupi

17.  2 March, 2024 Bantwala, Mangalore

18.  9 March, 2024 Bangadi, Belthangady, Mangalore

19.  16 March, 2024 Venur, Karkala, Udupi

20.  23 March, 2024 Uppinangadi, Mangalore

21.  30 March, 2024 Panapila, Mangalore (Near Karkala)

22.  6 April, 2024 Balkunje, Mangalore

Cruelty Prevention for Kambala Festrival
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