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New Draft BBMP Pet Licensing Laws ? NO #NotWithoutMyDog Reprise!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

We hear there is a new BBMP Draft Pet License ByLaws shared. Before everyone gets concerned (like I would) on the new pet licensing laws that Bbmp is working on, we heard today that a draft of these laws have gone to the BBMP Council for initial approval. We all know the absolute mayhem caused by The previous pet licensing laws under the guardianship of the then DD Dr. Anand and the #NotWithoutMyDog campaign it initiated.

This time around several of us like CJ Memorial Trust, CUPA etc were called in by BBMP to give inputs and we did so. We were subsequently also very categoric that the pet licensing laws were not critical at the present, given the hyperproblematic status of ABC and ARV in the City and should be kept on hold.

Criticality is having the new Bbmp PET License to reflect a completely welfare objective rather than a punitive or census orientation as before. The purpose of the pet license is both for dog census and for human/dog safety (as dogs vaccination status is updated). The other aspects layered into this, need to reflect the compassionate nature of Bangalore‘s citizens, and forward thinking welfare orientation of the BBMP. Here is a list of points that I had summarized, as well as recommendations in our previous emails. We still do not approve of the attempt to limit the number of pets to an apartment, but we do appreciate the rescue & Indie orientation as well as the fact that it is only recommendatory at present. We definitely do not approve of online application, given the tremendous options for potentially both mistakes and misuse.

While we are sure that the BBMP will follow all due process of public consultation and proper inputs, before going ahead and notifying at the UDD, we do hope that all the petizen suggestions and welfare focus are kept in mind absolutely..

Our note to BBMP based on the points we had asked for addition .

'Perhaps for the first time in the country , a civic body like BBMP is preparing with inputs from advocacy organizations like CJ Memorial Trust , CUPA and others, pet licensing laws that are not only data oriented, strongly meshed with PCA at the back end, but also driven by welfare and community perspectives. These bylaws need to be also filtered after extensive discussions and iterations with communities, RWAs , apartment associations and animal welfare representatives. The focus should be on keeping both human and dog communities safe and in peaceful coexistence.'

CJ Memorial Trust's Salient points:

  • -Separation of genuine pet owners and commercial breeders , using provisions of the Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2017. These bylaws are applicable ONLY to pet dogs , not breeder dogs. -Street dogs are covered under the ABC Rules 2001 , and BBMP also actively promotes the #IndieDog and their adoption.

  • -Complete waiver of license fees for Indian dogs (Indie Dogs) , rescues and injured dogs adopted. In fact BBMP actively promotes #IndieDog adoption

  • -Promotion of Indies, rescue and abandoned animals adoption by removing number restrictions of dogs per dwelling for those pet owners

  • -Penalties and fees from this activity to be channelised to a separate fund for Animal Birth Control and Stray Dogs rescue.

  • -Strong penalties for civic issues like pet poop, unleashed dogs, biting etc

  • -Focus on adopt don't shop and responsible pet ownership. While compulsory sterilisation of female dogs (not males?) after a year may be a good move as per global standards, and will ensure avoidance of backyard & home breeding, resulting in unhealthy pups and unhappy families who suffer pet's death, this is a personal issue to most families , and this should be looked at in phases over period of time after proper process and Public feedback.

  • -Microchipping and better identification to prevent abandonment, loss and cruelty to pet dogs

  • -Higher fees for luxury breeds like Huskies, St Bernards and Mastiffs that are not suited to the climate and environs.

  • -Greater focus on veterinarians and practitioners to help implement these laws.

  • -Working with District SPCA to ensure those cruel to animals are blacklisted in the BBMP and not given pet licenses.


CJ Memorial Response and queried to the first draft BBMP shared in December 2019 :

Overall points to be noted:

1. Systems

a. Structure of pet licensing form - currently very shabby

b. BBMP Centers where it will be done

c. Cost and fees Rs 105 Year one or more?

d. Online or not

e. Best practises in other state

f. Coordination with critical stakeholders like Police, SAWB (AH&VS), KVA

g. Data collection at back end and sharing of info

2. Legal

a. non implementation and exact penalty

b. coordination with PCA and AWBI rules

c. connection of licensing and animal cruelty

d. Have FIAPO, HSI PETA etc support this activity

e. Ensure that it is SPECIFICALLY mentioned that this license will be revoked/canceled if the owner is found to have bred the dog. Technically they will need to apply for breeders license at Rs 5000 per year

f. When confiscating the dog, if BBMP with law enforcement officials will be doing it, then we must insist that they are accompanied by either a HAWO or a representative from the AWO, so that they do not manhandle the dogs

g. Before confiscating dogs, BBMP must already have approval from an AWO that they are willing to take the dog. If not, they might just take the dog and abandon it or worse still. I believe the Thai govt does this regularly and just kills them off.

3. Implementation

a. Press Release giving Will there be a dog tag, numbering

b. Proper messaging on social media , plus poster

c. Rabies and CD Titer can replace actual vaccinations where pets have a problem

d. Computerise adding picture of dog, to ensure better identity

e. Microchipping as an add on ?

4. Impact

a. to RWAs and Apartment Association on licensing (feeding of stray dogs)

b. No Breeder dogs as they are covered

c. Vaccination record should have public service messages(ABC/AdoptDontShop/Vaccinate)

d. Messaging to KVA and Kennel Club of India plus local dog groups and breeders

e. Use this opportunity to aggressively promote Community involvement in ABC

5. Welfare

a. Free fee or Separate charge for Indies and rescued dogs on Year 2 to encourage people to renew

b. Separate rate for spayed dogs. A sponsor can give a tag -responsible pet ownership to encourage such owners.

c. Have a luxury license fee for those with unsuitable breeds like Huskies, St Bernard etc Rs 1000-5000

6. Community

a. what is being done with the citizen/dog owner data collected?

b. Messaging on responsible pet ownership ?

c. Sharing of rules on Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2018 and Pet Shop Rules 2018 so people know if they transgress these

d. Use opportunity to remind re rules on importing dogs, breeding , poop rules etc

e. Using licensing as a community building exercise


Draft Pet License Bylaws

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