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Not again! Dont Worry- Here are some Points on Pet Licensing

Updated: Oct 26, 2021


How we fought, we the Petizens of Bangalore. How we came together under the umbrella of the incredibly successful #NotWithoutMyDog to protect our pet dogs against a (then) insensitive & inimical BBMP AH regarding their ill concieved Pet Licensing Bylaws. Citizen power came through. It was rolled back. Awful times. but we came out , both pets and us, safe and secure, and we came out stronger, more cohesive and united. Yes this time too - nothing to worry for now. Let's SEE the draft first>NO ONE IS TAKING AWAY OUR DOGS.

Thanks to all these news items regarding the return of PROPOSED BBMP Pet Licensing - most of us are either biting our nails with worry or fulminating in outrage . For good reason maybe. But the good news? We Petizens are United. BBMP is a very different entity now , much more empathetic and understanding of petizen issues. However we agree we all don't know enough yet . We have limited info but have rechecked with BBMP and UDD and will share all we know. In the absence of information, fear and ignorance can spiral out and paralyze us and then our assumptions can cause problems . Do remember, most of these civic rules made are to prevent cruelty and ensure those careless, abusive and indifferent pet owners are made more responsible by a license. Or those breeders who misuse a pet license for home or backyard breeding are stopped. The rules are always made for potential and known violators and to protect society at large. A ₹100 fee won’t enrich a municipality! An important issue to understand first is why Pet Licensing is needed at all . Here are a few:

  1. Census . Last count in 2009 we had only officially 253 pet dogs in Bangalore! We have more in one ward! Cuties need to know how pet friendly they are as also to build infra & resources needed to support its pets.

  2. Health and safety - Dogs can get pet licenses only if they produce their rabies and 9 in 1 vaccinations (Or titers) . Thereby even if a pet dog bites a person, child or another animal, there is some safety on ensuring no chance of rabies

  3. More responsible parents and happier apartment associations and RWAs as dogs now have an official tag, and certification from municipality.

  4. Abandonment of pets reduces with licensing., Lost dogs can be easier reunited too. abuse and cruelty can be addressed faster as pet dogs are now in the system.

  5. Indie Protection: Indie Community Dogs continue to come under the purview and charge of BBMP and local caretakers and feeders but same Indies, rescues or pedigree dogs living as pets within our home are considered pets needing licensing.

So here are a few points in our humble understanding that could help us think through these news snippets:

  1. Pet Licensing ByLaws discussed is only a draft at present. Pre Covid, two years ago, senior NGOs and welfarists sat down over 2 levels of meetings with BBMP AH Top brass to give suggestions, present viewpoints and ensure incorporated. The rest was done via email virtually.

  2. It is still not notified by the UDD for gazetting as a law.

  3. Nothing is final as yet.

  4. Even when notified, citizens will have one month for public consultation and to give our feedback before it goes into law.

  5. As of now there is no punitive action or for breaking the number of pets per home rule .

  6. It has a welfare objective this time

  7. It is prospective, not retrospective . So if you have 5 (even pedigree) dogs now and want to license them, you can . But next year you can renew but I gathered cannot buy any more I guess. And by teh way, does not that help the focus on #AdoptDontShop ?

  8. No one can ask you to throw out your dogs or come and confiscate them. No one!

  9. NO CAP on rescue dogs or Indies as pets. So whether 2-5 dogs or house or flat, you’ve got the best breed in the world and the sky is the limit - within reason. So STOP worrying and chill, beloved Indie & Rescue parents !

  10. If you have many pedigrees then I guess the fear is you could be a breeder so there is an attempt to curtail. Can you blame BBMP a to try and discourage breeders?

  11. Bribery & corruption is alleged to be rampant if licensing allowed. Really ? At a meager Rs 100 per license? A little confusion and gaps might emerge but nothing a good townhall can’t fix.

  12. Rules on leashing and picking up poop may get stronger but isn’t it important to be civic and make your pet welcome in the community!

  13. Recommended neuter/spay esp female dogs to prevent accidental births and ignorant backyard breeding, even with good pet Parents.

  14. Many many other points

Aso let’s make a list of points that worry and bother us so that we can take up in advance with BBMP. Until then, however many articles, FB posts letters or podcasts, sit tight. Nothing is going to happen! No one is taking away any pet dog.

Plus we are all together now and we have our squads and if escalation needed, the govt and AWBI!

Don’t Worry Be Happy. Please, Petizens! We are all here to help and collaborate and protect, and together as a TEAM.

Stay safe !

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