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Self Goals? Shelters face witch hunt. Voiceless suffer.

An anti-street dog person watching the AW events of the last two days, called me up to taunt me about animal welfare & the situation. The sharp words uttered cut like a knife: ´A Police complaint against a shelter for treating a dog? Now asking dead dogs at crematorium from a shelter to be autopsied & filing a police complaint on the shelter? Routine welfare work twisted to crime & conspiracies? Guess what? You don’t have to wait for people like us to bring you down and close down stray dogs and Animal Welfare. You guys are doing a great job at doing it yourself and causing destruction with friendly fire. These people have now forgotten animals and are picking on fellow animal lovers and carers. Wow.´

‘Congrats on the self goal, but guess what? Despite the fact that I’m no friend of Street dogs. I still feel sorry for the animals who are losing out , suffering & dying due to this insane infighting. Who are these retards, by the way? ‘

Mortified by the stinging but true words, I hung my head - I had nothing to say. Animal Welfare was imploding by turning on its own. Only one suffers. The animals.

So let’s face facts - out of 10,000 people, maybe 1000 people are active animal lovers, another 2700 are neutral, about 6000 are actively against dogs and particularly street animals. About 300 are strong, hands on activists and welfarists, hard at work at feeding, rescue or advocacy. Yet in this small group, there are maybe 20 toxic tomatoes, so angry with good progress in animal welfare that is in their NIH syndrome list ( Not Invented Here Syndrome) that they will focus on bringing everyone down who has done something positive . Simple - because _they_ didn’t invent it. As someone said : 'What sucks is that neither will they do anything nor will they allow only anyone else to do it.'

Puerile? Yes. Desperate to be relevant and visible, they tie themselves into knots, willing to go the extreme mile, even lying and slandering, to drag down a fellow animal lover- for spite , for evil self gratification, for an overweening ego. Joblessly spend time and effort on vilifying Facebook posts, creative theories, trolling and attacking. No dignity, decency or common good manners. In their manic chest thumping, or the insane victorious glitter in their eyes, one understands why many people think of even sensible animal welfare folks as demented. These live in their own echo chambers and want to drag the rest in.

It’s wonderful , heartwarming and such a relief that the laws are slowly but steadily favoring animals and animal lovers. Its been a long hard struggle. Let’s appreciate that - It’s a good time to build, the best time to grow a caring framework. And yet, the toxic taunters have trained their guns on their own tribe - shamelessly bullying & trolling other animal welfare folks- they have focused time & energy on frivolous FIRs, social media slander & whipping up anger with half baked theories & spiteful insinuations. (The cases are slowly being filed on them btw ). Most ignored them and the lack of oxygen for their fire, infuriated them to further escalate, twist facts, personal attacks, even risking animals to prove a point. The screechers thrive on negativity, criticism and confrontation. They cackle at a sarcastic comment or a put down. They have no boundaries that say this too much- anything & everything is fodder. Collaboration and building bridges is anathema to them. They are myopically trying to shut down animal welfare, and the anti animal brigade are laughing all the way to the pound.

The newspaper articles show a bunch of nonsensical, strident, illogical perspectives and actions, bringing down the entire fraternity.

Well done.

Tell the Streetie whimpering, broken by a car who has no shelter that will take her, tell an old cancerous dog who needs medication to survive, a tiny screaming pup with two missing legs who needs desperate medical attention. Or rescuers who will have nowhere to go soon

I hope those sounds can drown out the evil cackle of malevolence in your head. Or is the poison too deep.

Well done on the self goal, you wonderful lot. 8700 people out of the 10000 are happy that you won today. They can get back to hating. And thanks to these 20, the balance 280 animal welfarists striving to help the animals despite cost to their health, finances and life, are slowly stepping away, not willing to work in this swamp of madness , looking over their shoulder, and awaiting a knife in their back. Like it's said: no good deed goes unpunished.

The animals? No, their unnecessary suffering these malevolent Machiavellis have caused is on these witch hunters' conscience, and karma is bound to get them.

There’s still time to turn your attention to helping animals.

It’s now.

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