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SPCA : Park fences causing grievous, often fatal injury to animals at Cubbon Park & other Parks -

Update : SPCA DD Bengaluru Urban issues letter to Horticulture Department, Cubbon Park to rectify this issue


12 Jan 2024

Dr Chandrashekar, The DD SPCA, Bengaluru Urban

Pashupalana Bhavan

Hebbal, Bangalore

(via email & whatsapp)


Dear Sir:

Subject: Park fences causing fatal & grievous injury to animals at Cubbon Park & other Horticulture areas


It has been brought to our notice that the park fences and sharp pointed edges have caused severe injury, and even death to several animals especially dogs. I understand that many of us citizens have brought this issue up and the department had promised to address this by filing /breaking off these sharp edges. Many dogs were admitted with horrific, gaping up stomach & chest impaling injuries. An elderly gentleman was also similarly injured. During Smart City intervention, this was also brought up again and Horticulture Dept confirmed to be implemented. However, we see that it has not been done to date and we need to formally intervene. The park cannot ignore this and continue to be a source of such potential cruelty, albeit inadvertent. 


Last night, horrific pictures of a young dog impaled n twisted on the fence was shared - he was left like this all night, till runners noticed at 6 am and animal lovers rushed him to Cessna. They struggled for an hour to save the poor suffering dog who was in complete shock, and disemboweled, but he succumbed to his grievous and highly cruel injuries. The pictures are enclosed and speak for themselves. We have others from previous years also. 


Therefore, we must request that this issue be immediately addressed, formally taken up with Horticulture and other departments for Cubbon Park , Lalbagh & other parks  and sharp edges removed, to save both animal and human injuries . This comes under deliberate preventable injury under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, We would like your confirmation that you will ensure it would be done before Jan 31st 2024.


We await your immediate response given the serious injuries that could further ensue. We suggest the AD/Vet Inspector for the area and an SPCA officer to also visit and monitor.


Thanking you

Yours Sincerely




CC Member Secretary, KAWB

CC: DD Lalbagh

CC: JD & Director, Horticulture, GoK

CC: We Love Cubbon Park

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