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Squad Guidelines and basic ABC FAQs

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Nandita Subba Rao writes this great input in the Sadashivanagar Canine Squad:

Dear all, since many new people have joined the group recently, I'd like to share a few points.

1. BBMP has divided Bangalore into 8 zones for administrative purposes. There are 198 wards, and each ward comes under one of these 8 zones. You can find your ward number by looking at the signboard at your street corner.

2. Each of the 8 zones has a *designated NGO to deal with free ABC and ARV* for dogs.

3. *Most of us in this group come under the West zone. Our designated NGO is Sarvodaya*, and the manager is Akshay B (not to be confused with Dr. Akshay Prakash, who is the trustee and surgeon). They wear blue T-shirts that say Sarvodaya on them. They have vans -- (like goods vehicles, not as big as trucks) for ABC catching, and a designated van for ARV.

4. Earlier, ARV (anti-rabies vaccination) was not a dedicated activity, but it's been added recently. See They go ward-wise. Such dogs have a green paint mark on the neck/back for a few days.

5. *Gone are the days of "BBMP taking away the dogs".* The dogs have to be brought back to the same location after ABC or observation.

6. Sometimes, they are taken for "observation" for a week if there is a complaint from any neighbour that the dog is "aggressive" or has bitten someone. This is just to observe that the dog is not rabid. If found fine, the dog is vaccinated (and neutered if applicable) and released back.

7. There is a misconception that a collar signifies ownership or that BBMP won't take them for ABC or ARV. So, an argument on this won't wash if the dog is free-roaming.

*Now, what can you do?*

- Look around for dogs that are not neutered. Figure out if they can be confined somewhere. Post here if in doubt. Then we can call BBMP to neuter them.

There are often reports of miscreants relocating or taking away dogs.

- Remember that *miscreants operate only at night, not in broad daylight, and not in uniform*. If you are in doubt, ask them which NGO they are from. Ask them for their work order -- the BBMP ABC/ARV teams carry it in every van. (Occasionally, a different NGO like ALAI or CUPA may come for a requested private pickup.)

- It's very important to *carry your phone and take a picture and the license plate number* -- it's good for capturing unforeseen moments like this, and also good for self-defence!

- Please keep *Akshay's number* to verify. You can also call the BBMP control room, but it's quicker to call Sarvodaya directly to confirm. +91 76769 16113

- Recently, BBMP has come up with very helpful measures to support feeders. If you face resistance, please let me know, and BBMP will send a veterinary inspector to talk to the bullies.

BTW, since West zone borders East zone (near Aswath Nagar and New BEL road) and also RR Nagar zone (west of Yeshwantpur), you may find other NGOs doing similar work at these border areas. East zone wears maroon uniform and RR Nagar wears bright green.

Any further questions? Please feel free to ask.

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