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Stop illegal Pedigree Dog Import

Letter has been sent to the SPCA and all related departments . Import for breeding, pets and sales is illegal . KAWB SPCA need to step up now . The event is tomorrow on 29May at Macaw Brewery Bommasandra


28 May 2024


Dr Chandrashekar,

Member Secretary, Bangalore SPCA Urban

Pashupalana Bhavan, Hebbal

Bangalore 560033


Dear Dr. Chandrashekhar

Subject: Stop illegal pedigree imports ref Bangalore Mirror article today on import of China ChowChow pup

We spoke in detail on this issue . This is the second time we have written formally regarding Cadaboms Kennels to SPCA. We were shocked to read this article in today’s Bangalore Mirror ‘Is it a panda? Is it a pup? World’s rarest, precious dog arrives in city’( announcing that an imported pedigree Chow Chow puppy Qinling from China costing several crores has been brought in with great fanfare by a Mr. Satish of Cadaboms Kennels,  a self-professed ‘international celebrity dog breeder’. He says that ‘Acquiring such a rare dog was no small feat. Satish shared that  his extensive network of global dealers specialising in rare breeds made it possible. The dog was sent from China 20 days ago’ and thinks it is so unique that he has  offered 10 lakhs as a prize if anyone here has a similar dog. This is at least the second time that he has illegally imported dogs costing huge sums  of 1-20 crores, from other countries,  breaking both the Department of Trade & Industries DGFT notification as well as the Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules 2017 (PCA) . The Korean mastiff 2 crore 9 week pups were imported in 2016 and he sent back the male as it was sick, he said.

As per the Dept of Industry & Trade’s DGFT  Notification No. 3/2015-2020 New Delhi, Dated: 25 April, 2016 on Introduction of policy conditions on import of dogs in Chapter 01 of ITC (HS), 2012–Schedule–1(Import Policy). (enclosed),  import of mammals can be allowed only under the following categories: one re-import of pets, second for military security and third for accredited pharmaceutical use. This dog does not fall under any category, and even the AQCS does not seem to know about this issue. Import of commercial dogs for breeding or any other commercial activities is not permitted.

The fact that he choose to flagrantly announce his dog import in the press and launch the pup Quinling on May 29th in a public place called Macaw by Stories at Bommasandra with 150 bike riders and a 7 storey cake , shows that he is boasting and actually throwing an illegal act in our face. The poor 2 month old pup  will be used as a photo opp, a mere prop and handled by multiple curious people  after a stressful journey from China- this amount to anikmal cruelty. It is shocking to all of us  , but especially for the Karnataka, Animal Welfare board, AQCS  and SPCA, as well as the Dept of Foreign Trade , who is supposed to monitor this and prevent illegal and cruel importing of Animals into our country. Suffering pedigree dogs are being bred, sold, bought and dumped  in India thanks to careless breeders and irresponsible pet owners and yet we are allowing more imports of illegal breeding by such brazen criminals.. By doing this he is artificially  bloating the value of this breed and selling future pups at very high pricesto afficionados who are keen on status symbols not pets. This is the third such publicity stunt he has announced and he clearly knows he can get away with it! What systems and processes do we have to address this? Despite good laws, nothing can be done unless the government officials like you step up to act..

As far as we know, Mr. Satish is not a KAWB registered breeder or has a BBMP license to engage in trading activities or even a Pet  shop license as per 2019 Pet Shop Rules to buy and sell animals. In fact, Dept of Income tax would be very interested to know where he gets the funds to buy and sell dogs at 20 or 25 crores, or offering a 10 lakh prize to anyone with a similar dog. So has the income tax or the GST for this, been paid and registered on these cases?

Disregard for the rules and his contempt  for the SPCA,  KAWB  (and Dept of Income Tax) as having neither teeth nor interest to stop this , is very shocking & disheartening indeed. It is about time that the Blr SPCA steps up and takes a strong stance in ensuring this kind of bizarre and illegal activity is put to a stop and strongly  discouraged in  future. In fact the place where he’s going to display and show this dog should be raided by income tax officials and the police at the earliest. We have heard on the grapevine that perhaps one of the reasons why Cadabom  Kennels (who used to keep their animals in a very poor state) or his Kennel Club is allowed to get away with all this is because Mr. Satish‘s father Dr Shivram (as per his own is a retired AD from the AHVS department.  We are sure this is entirely baseless and incorrect. 

We request you to take firm decisive  action -  in an immediate strong notice to him, secondly shut down and investigate his kennel and his kennel club/association,  where he is  president iethe  Indian Dog Breeders Association  and thirdly  by following up with other appropriate action, including seizure  of this pup. 

Thanking you 

Yours Sincerely 

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal 

CJ Memorial Trust

SPCA Bangalore Urban Member


CC: Member Secretary AWBI

CC: KAWB Member Secretary Dr M Palegar

CC Dr Ajay Nagabhushan. Secy,  AHVS

CC: Dr Mahesh AQCS Karnataka

CC: Vikas Surelkar, Spl Commissioner- Health, BBMP 

CC: Bangalore Police

CC: Dr Indresh, (President) and Dr Thipeswamy (Registrar) Karnataka Veterinary Council KVC

CC: Dr Shivarudrappa , Addl Director Vigilance AHVS

CC: Department of Income Tax

CC: Office Central Tax

And other  connected departments


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