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Thoughts on Pet Licensing Bye Laws...

Updated: Jan 21, 2020



Considering the debacle of the last Pet Licensing Bye laws, here are CJMT draft inputs on BBMP Pet Licensing Bye Laws submitted :

1. Systems

a. Structure of pet licensing form - currently very shabby

b. BBMP Centers where it will be done

c. Cost and fees Rs 105 Year one or more?

d. Online or not

e. Best practices in other state

f. Coordination with critical stakeholders like Police. SAWB (AH&VS)

g. Data collection at back end and sharing of info

2. Legal

a. non implementation and exact penalty

b. coordination with PCA and AWBI rules

c. connection of licensing and animal cruelty

d. Have FIAPO, HSI PETA etc support this activity

e. Ensure that it is SPECIFICALLY mentioned that this license will be revoked/canceled if the owner is found to have bred the dog. Technically they will need to apply for breeders license at Rs 5000 per year

f. When confiscating the dog, if BBMP with law enforcement officials will be doing it, then we must insist that they are accompanied by either a HAWO or a representative from the AWO, so that they do not manhandle the dogs

g. Before confiscating dogs, BBMP must already have approval from an AWO that they are willing to take the dog. If not, they might just take the dog and abandon it or worse still. I believe the Thai govt does this regularly and just kills them off.

3. Implementation

a. Press Release giving Details , there be a dog tag, numbering

b. Proper messaging on social media , plus poster

c. Rabies and CD Titer can replace actual vaccinations where pets have a health problem

d. Computerise adding picture of dog, to ensure better identity

e. Microchipping as an add on ?

4. Impact

a. to RWAs and Apartment Association on licensing (feeding of stray dogs)

b. No Breeder dogs as they are covered

c. Vaccination record should have public service messages(ABC/AdoptDontShop/Vaccinate)

d. Messaging to KVA and Kennel Club of India plus local dog groups and breeders is critical

e. Use this opportunity to aggressively promote Community involvement in ABC

5. Welfare

a. Separate or NO charge for Indies and rescued dogs on Year 2 to encourage people to renew

b. Separate rate for spayed dogs. A sponsor can give a tag -responsible pet ownership to encourage such owners.

c. Have a luxury license fee for those with unsuitable breeds like Huskies, St Bernard etc Rs 1000

6. Community

a. what is being done with the citizen/dog owner data collected?

b. Messaging on responsible pet ownership ?

c. Sharing of rules on Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2018 and Pet Shop Rules 2018 so people know if they transgress

d. Use opportunity to remind re rules on importing dogs, breeding , poop etc

e. Using licensing as a community building exercise


After the meeting , I am thinking aloud about the points made earlier and our discussion - and would like to ask a few fundamental questionsL

Why are we doing this bye laws at all?

What are the objectives? Are they bureaucratic, financial , legal and /or welfare?

Why is the apartment or house numbering important - one pre flat two in a house. Its arbitrary and used no where else !

If the bylaws indeed are being looked at , why cannot BBMP. make a bold decision in underpinning a procedural, financial but largely WELFARE angle? The welfare underpinning will ensure this BBMP initiative will go down in history as a civic authority promoting a 'compassionate city' . Basically we had a chance to undo Dr Anand's damage, and we had a chance to do it absolutely right this time. Rather than a Sarkari exercise let it be a community one that BBMP pushes. Big impact possible.

Welfare means promotion of adoption, spay-neuter, penalty for breeding, incentivising community to do ABC in their areas. Why cannot part of this money be directed to puppy shelters and rehabilitation of pedigree /abandoned dogs. Indie rescue dogs MUST be on a Lower rate and dogs like Husky, St Bernard must be on a Luxury rate (Rs 5000 or so per year ) Whether its the communication , the messaging for the cause or any BBMP reach outs, let it be welfare oriented

Penalty - lets identity the list of penalties. For eg at back end if any pet owners breed, abandon, let there be the Furry Black list of animal haters/negatives who will not be allowed to have dogs etc. This could be on the BBMP site. Look at the impact it will have on people who may neglect or abuse animals or those who break rules. This will also show dog catchers and para vets

No breeds to be mentioned at all - except Indies . Why is the list there at all?

What is the dovetailing with Kennel Club of India and Karnataka Vet Association, AH& VS and Police? without their coordination, nothing can be done with any depth. This MUST involve them or their passive aggressive support will ensure the failure of the bye laws

What are the implementation methodology and plans ? We need this done now. We again guaranteed failure if we don't involve RWAs BAF and get a chance to share rules

What is being done with back end data collection of pet owners and information?

If anything else comes to mind , will share asap.

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