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Times of India covers the Dog Park..

Bengaluru’s dog park is a haven for pets and parents

TNN / May 22, 2024, 00:00 IST

By Neha Krishna

Every Sunday morning at 8 am, a furry fiesta takes over a corner of Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park. Here, pet parentsgather with their four-legged friends for playtime, walks and even pet birthday celebrations.

It’s a space for socialisation, relaxation, and creating lasting connections within the pet-loving community, regulars at the dog park tell us.‘A safe space for dogs to roam freely’Having a dedicated dog area is a win-win for everyone. “Regulars appreciate the safe space for their dogs to run free, and away from other visitors in the park who wish to avoid dogs,” says Deepika, a regular visitor at the dog park. She also credits volunteers for the park’s positive atmosphere.

“People are much more aware now about responsible pet ownership, the importance of companionship for their dogs, and even picking up their poop in public places.”‘Not just dogs, you also get to meet incredible people here’“Cubbon Park’s dog park is more than just a recreational space; it’s a community that loves animals and bringing people together,” says Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, founder of Cubbon Park Canines.

Every weekend sees about 100 to 250 dog lovers and their furry companions gather together at the park.“Here, you’ll meet incredible people and foster lasting connections. In fact, there was a couple who met here for the first time. Their dogs sparked a connection first, and then soon after, they did,” adds Priya.

We bring our pet dog here every Sunday, and he looks forward to it. He loves meeting all the other dogs, both the ones who visit and the resident dogs, known as ‘parkies’

Deepika, a regular at the dog park

‘It’s an initiative to promote animal welfare as a whole’Priya explains, “This is not just a dog park. It is beyond that.

Our mission is to create a loving and supportive environment for dogs and humans alike, and promote adoption and responsible pet ownership.”Entry to the dog park is open to all, but the spirit of giving extends beyond the park gates, says Priya. “Visitors are encouraged to show their love for the dogs and extend that care to strays in their own neighbourhoods. Most of us here are part of local groups that provide immediate care to animals.

This includes helping with volunteering, feeding, fostering, vaccinations, etc,” she sums up.‘The interactions are so beneficial for the dogs’Socialising is key for a dog’s wellbeing, regulars at the dog park tell us. Deepika, who brings her dog to the park every week, says, “My dog used to be so shy of other dogs, but playing here has made him braver! Now, he looks forward to coming here every Sunday, and he loves meeting all the other dogs, both the ones who visit and the resident dogs, known as ‘parkies’.

” Dhanusha, another regular visitor, says, “Unlike us, our pets don’t have a social life. Meeting other dogs helps them build confidence, socialise effectively, and learn to interact positively with both humans and canines.”Deepika adds, “Dogs seem to understand that the park is a shared space. Unlike walks where territorial behaviour might occur, here they socialise freely.”

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