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Whither AWBI Mandated Cat Neuter by BBMP?

4 Sept 2023

BBMP Commissioner


Bangalore 560002

Dear Sir:

Subject: AWBI Mandated sterilization of community/stray cats by municipal authority as per ABC Rules 2023

19. Sterilisation and Immunisation of Domestic or Feral cats :– Upon the advice of State Board, the Sterilisation of cats may be conducted by a recognised Animal Welfare Organisation with training and expertise in spay or neuter of cats, in a manner provided in the Guidelines for Cat Sterilisation and Immunisation, published by the Board.

(1) The infrastructure and reimbursement of expenses for a Cat Birth Control program shall be provided by the local authority.

(2) While cat sterilization programs can be conducted in the Animal Birth Control Center provided for dogs, the cats must not be housed with ar come in contact in any way with dogs.

(3) The post operative care of cats must be done in a place where they do not suffer from unnecessary stress by the sounds or smell of dogs.

As per the recent ABC Rules 2023 and the AWBI circular the local municipal corporation is also expected to sterilize cats on the same basis as dogs. The population of cats are not only increasing every day, a source of possible rabies and disease, but also victims of cruelty and abuse for no fault of theirs. Up to now, there was coverage only for dogs and the feline species were either left to animal lovers or private NGOS. Given the specific diktat from the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) via the ABC Rules 2023 as encapsulated in Point 19 above, we request that arrangements be made ASAP on having a specific facility for cat neuter and vaccination in Bangalore and details of the same to be made available to animal lovers. Working with an existing NGO who is focused on cat neuter will also be the fastest, easiest & most pragmatic approach. A consultation can also be organized to take on multiple views.

A budgetary provision must be quickly made. Focus must be on setting up a proper infrastructure as per the AWBI SOPs, with a necessary equipment, proper staffing, well-trained surgeons, ABC post-operative care, excellent system of catching & release as well as supplemented by hand catching and bringing to the center as required. What is also needed alongside is dissemination and awareness of cat neuter across Bangalore particularly with RWA's and apartment associations, so cats are neutered and vaccinated in a practical and humane way across the city.

As of now there is no input on what the plans are for this important activity from BBMP AH. Either animal lovers take them for private neuter/vax at great personal cost, or many private organizations are doing this either for free or at a nominal cost. Post the ABC Rules 2023, where provision for cat neuter is also now mandated, we required the state government to come back to us with a clear plan of infrastructure, process, planning, fund allocation. people involved as well as clear timelines so this important issue can be humanely addressed.

We look forward to your kind attention and action at the earliest.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

CC: Dr Trilok Chandra Spl Commr- AH

CC: Secretary- AHVS (and Chair, Exec Committee , KAWB) with a request to initiate across state

CC: Chairman – KAWB – for direction

CC: Dr Palegar Member Secretary – KAWB

CC: Dr Gupta/Ms Prachi, AWBI Head Office

ABC Rules 2023
Download PDF • 1.83MB

ABC stray cats guidelines
Download PDF • 633KB

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