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Youth Brigade - #FurEverYoung

#FurEverYoung The young ones.

With all the canine squads set up in Bangalore a constant motif I have seen is the involvement, passion and deep commitment of the young ‘uns. We arent doing enough for them, though. These are primarily young people below 16 or 17. Some of them are extremely astute, understand the rules, ABC, navigation rescue and the right buttons to press. Some others have all the right intent, but yet to learn the science or how to navigate stuff that’s sometimes heartbreaking but It doesn’t stop them from trying. Increasingly, I also see parents being supportive of the tough path that children are taking, however difficult it is for their own home routine or the stretch on both their heart and infrastructure.

While observing this, I realized that there are some things we must do. Realistically and pragmatically- train & support this incredible force, critical as it is for long-term impact . Secondly, ensure that the young ones have the community, the strength and the resources to do more, share more and feel a greater sense of empowerment. And bring in more young ‘uns in.

This was triggered today by watching a young 16-year-old getting a beloved streetie out of the gutter where she was hiding (after an accident) after much plotting and planning (with her Sadashivanagar Squad that she was a part of) into CUPA RT Nagar. A little support from the squad but just she and a classmate did everything. And her mother let her. Last month, a pup with a fractured leg was fostered by a soft hearted 10-year-old girl and her reluctant parents and later adopted into a wonderful home, while the now besotted family cried buckets. Mia and others raise funds constantly look for avenues to help support Rescues and kittens. All the older teens like Saakshi have done amazing work on hard-core rescue.

As the adult community what is it that we can DO to create a sustainable respectful framework, that allows them to do all they can and still protect them from inevitable heartbreak.

Yes we have a CJMT #JuniorChamp annual Award, but we must go beyond that. Any ideas welcome, because I believe this is a campaign whose time has come, and the young Warriors standing all around us are ANYWAY all set to group and regroup to help the animals.

Let’s make this easier, and more possible ?

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