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BBMP- AH Appraisal 2022

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

In 2020, we did the first appraisal of BBMP AH under Mr Randeep 's time. It was the first time in India that a NGO rated a civic institution and animal welfare initiatives. There were many pluses, firsts, many initiatives and covid kindness.

It's been two years since then, and here's what we have noted :

  1. ABC Numbers have increased, but seems marginal.

  2. Better surgery quality, systems and openness to citizens

  3. Good coordination with AHVS, helplines and SPCA

  4. Slightly better responsiveness on social media, app etc , but not enough

  5. Better response & data on missing dogs, deaths and relocations via the zones, except 1-2 NGOs.. Greater confidence

  6. Being part of OneHealth raises the integration to overall health & focus on rabies

  7. Rabies declared a notifiable diseased under Department of Health- so better logging of data & insights

  8. GPS oriented pick up n drops is getting better - but need more improvement as packs of wrong drops

  9. Strong representation at RWAs to protect street dogs . AD’s are informed, result oriented and helpful, very clear and firm r in refusing any relocation request

  10. Rabies helpline functioning well and lower cases of rabies this year

  11. Partnerships with Rotary and community organisations are good

  12. Unable to get good NGOs for ABC- even existing good players like Sarvodaya, VSAWRD COVA are not AWBI certified, as BBMP not stepping up enough n their behalf . CUPA has walked out. Heavy dependance on Asra who has 60% of Bangalore area.

  13. Large pockets of dogs in army, univ, park, PSU areas unaddressed

  14. Canine Distemper Center not actioned 2 years after commitment given- CD dogs and pups multiplying and dying

  15. Operation & implementation issues not resolved at centers

  16. The much touted rescue vans n rescue support is near zero. Where are these mysterious vans?

  17. Licenses for pet shops n slaughter houses. - a gray area

  18. Opacity in sharing , and no transparency in abc n ARV numbers

  19. No full time vets in ABC centers, so greater issues are there with part time snip and exit vets

  20. Victoria Layout BBMP Hospital- prime land lying fallow last 5 years , getting encroached

  21. No clarity on budgets, increase in numbers and citizen involvement

  22. Poor coordination with BBMP Engg Division resulting in badly made centers like RR Nagar

  23. No WVS or general training for bbmp staff and for abc contractors (WVS)

  24. No increase in financial budget for AH, collaborative approach to fund allocation or involving citizens in exercise

  25. No circulars and messaging to citizens on updates or issues. Social media close to zero

  26. Too many changes in JD, DD etc - 5 in two years.

  27. No Vision statement

  28. Indie Dog Adoption Campaign Promotion signed off and abandoned

  29. Pet Licensing on hold for 2 years now. This is critical to curb breeding and puppy mills

  30. Awareness campaigns and RWA engagement focus is missing

  31. FIR filed on behalf of feeders/rescuers etc is low

  32. No full time representation for monitoring of centres on a daily basis in a few ABC centres

  33. Zonal resistance to make timely payouts to ABC partners, resulting in time waste, poorer service

  34. Promises on ABC camps to manage dense pockets of dogs, not actioned.

  35. Rapport building with AWBI and Police is very slow. This shows up especially in ABC Partners and FIR's

May next Year be better-Safer, more, effective ABC and ARV, compassionate handling of community animals and humans , and better processes and systems to increase effectiveness.

All doable.



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