Implementation hope - BBMP takes the first step to locally regulate

On 31 Aug 2019, BBMP finally passed  the Pet Shop Rules 2017 and Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules 2018 locally at the corporation in its monthly meeting. BBMP has set the stage for incorporation and implementation of breeding & sale regulations even without the SAWB. This was a landmark step achieved by citizens and CJ Memorial Trust by constantly their pushing and exhortation  - it created a strong push to the civic authorities to follow rules.

It also clearly stated that any kind of breeding , be it by professional breeders, kennels or at home , HAD to apply for a license before going ahead. This has a strong impact also on traditional dog owners and home breeders who are used to that 'just one litter' , even if not for outright sale. This is now illegal. Read the orders on both here :

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