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KAWB - Enough already. Breeders & Pets Shops MUST have a license or shut down.

12 Sept 2022

Member Secretary, Karnataka Animal Welfare Board

KAWB, Pashupalana Bhavan, Hebbal

Bangalore (copy via email )

Dear Dr Palegar:

Ref: Lack of action implementation & specific plans on Breeding Laws (DBM17) and Pet Shop Rules (PSR19)

Regarding the 11 Sept 22 article ‘Pawlicy Fiasco’ on the front page of Bangalore Mirror specifically focusing on getting breeders registered, we are pleased to see KAWB Director Dr P Srinivasan upbeat quotes on KAWB focus & efforts, but we are equally surprised that despite that despite detailed training sessions done in July under the KAWB aegis, things remains status quo. We had organised this in partnership with experts across India to get the Dog Breeding & Marketing 2017 (DBM 17) Rules enforced, as well as get breeder registrations done and crackdown on illegal breeders, but nothing has been done after that meeting, whether awareness campaign or raiding any breeders, forget about an acknowledgement of the time & effort the citizens have spent on training module, arranging experts and material. So while we appreciate the fact that an overdue KAWB may have good intentions but constraints in terms of manpower or implementation, the fact is we are 2 years already behind schedule and there is neither reason nor excuse for waiting and postponing anymore.

Unfortunately it seems that unless pressure is applied, that the department will not respond to take any initiative on this issue and it will remain at status quo. This is very sad . The PIL on the subject was made in 2020 and the court has issued an order asking KAWB to ensure Breeders and Pet Shops to be registered in Karnataka . The only response was an advertisement for breeder applications. It's a matter of time before the High Court where this matter is listed, will ask for an update on the state breeders and pet shops registrations, putting us on the back foot and an awkward, unexplainable position.

Order passed on 03.11.2020 by the Karnataka HC in WP No 12126/2020 : Our attention is invited to the order dated 5th February, 2020 passed by this Court in the earlier writ petition filed by the petitioner and in particular, the directions contained in paragraphs 6 and 7. The learned counsel appearing for the petitioner states that in terms of paragraph 7 of the said order, he has made a representation to the second respondent pointing out the names of persons who have not obtained registration under the relevant Rules. He states that he will place on record a copy of the said representation.

Annexure-M is a letter addressed by the Government of Karnataka (The Commissioner, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services). It refers to a list of 43 pet shops provided by the petitioner. The letter itself indicates that the applications for registration are still pending.

Issue notice to the respondents returnable on 1st December, 2020. The learned Additional Government Advocate takes notice for the first respondent. In addition to regular service, the counsel for the petitioner will serve a soft copy of this petition along with a soft copy of this order at the official e-mail addresses of the second and third respondents.

The second respondent shall file the statement of objections setting out the steps taken by it on the basis of the aforesaid judgment and order dated 5th February, 2020. We grant time of one week to the petitioner to file a copy of the representation along with a memo.

As citizens we can certainly say there has been no systematic or conscious effort from the department or KAWB to register pet shops and to stop illegal breeding in order to prevent cruelty to animals .Karnataka needs better ,the citizens need better, and certainly the animals deserve better. We absolutely insist that the KAWB takes matter up on priority and make sure that the registering as well as the training for both of these DBM17 and PSR 19 are done at the earliest. If needed, a copy of both our PowerPoints over both sessions as well as the zoom recordings can be made available to you for your reference. However we insist on your immediate action on this so that we can prevent cruelty across our state.

In addition, as per this online petition many vets are either unaware (they shouldn’t be!) or indifferent to the DBM & PS Rules and often support home or illegal backyard breeding. This MUST be prevented and addressed on priority, Please also know that we have no information on the plan for ABC & ARV across the state and the required close coordination with RDPR & AWBI. This is extremely worrying as many districts and panchayats continue to cull or relocate animals

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

CC: All concerned

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