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Oh Doctor, my Doctor.. A letter from a Dog to a Vet on World Veterinary Day 24 Apr 2024

The theme of World Veterinary Day 2024 is 'Veterinarians are Essential Health Workers' and highlights the contributions of veterinarians in the health of animals, people, and the environment.


You save lives we love, Doctor. Just one day is neither enough to thank our wonderful veterinary doctors,  nor tell you just how grateful we are for your skill ,compassion and dedication in healing all the world’s animals – be it pets, community animals or wildlife. Vets have a  tough, often thankless world - their  patients can't speak and only the caretakers, animal’s eyes, symptoms have to guide the laser-focused doctor to recovery. No words adequately express  our gratitude in seeing a suffering animal walk in through clinic door and emerge healthy, happier and back to their usual bouncy self. There is so much we need to do to understand and appreciate our vets , support them, work on basic first aid or preventive measures  to treat our   animals  even before they need to reach a vet or a hospital. Thank you, Doctors. Thank you.


Not all is hunky dory, though. Today, so much more needs to be done. We know animal welfare is now a large part of what the veterinarians need to focus on, especially given the change in laws, the more rigorous implementation of PCA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) , ABC Rules, Stray Dog Rules as well as in the new  breeding and pet shop  laws. What do the animals think, especially our pet dogs? So we called our Dog Whisperer  to speak to Poppins, Bea, Butterflea & JD and this is what they  had to say.


Thank you so much Healer & Hopester. For all you do: for listening to me, when I can't speak; looking into my  eyes and seeing  what pain or discomfort I am struggling to convey. And you cure us. We can heal, we can live. We then go back to loving our family and friends. Because loving them is our one full time job, and we want to do it very, very well. All of us are so grateful. But can I respectfully share something with you? So -  I look around at  some of the animals around me suffering and I feel sad.  You are powerful & kind healers , and I know you are so stretched,  with little time for other things than healing. I understand - but you are the only ones who can make a real difference. Since we can’t speak, and we are often treated very cruelly, the government has made strict & good rules and laws for our protection .  Sometimes these  are not always implemented by many of the kind but busy veterinary uncles and aunties who treat us. Look in your heart. Do you ? On this World Vet Day 2024 can you please pledge to  step up to  help us more?


My mom  tells me that there are very strict rules about buying dogs, breeding, rearing, caring for them. But why do I see so many still suffering?  You know if there were fewer dogs, there would be less abandoned on the streets. And many more with homes and families to love. Can you help us? Because you are the only ones with the power – you  have the voice, the words, the hands, the vision to influence so many. Put up posters about animal rules, take a few minutes to inform  patients and families  who come to you , because they may not know (and sometimes L don’t care) that  vets like you abide by your veterinary oath.. that you will never crop ears, dock tails of dogs for breed standards because you  know it’s illegal under the Dog Breeding &  Marketing Rules 2017 (PCA), where any mutilation is considered cruelty. Be our voice, our guardian & protect us under the laws.


You are here to heal us, so we know you would never be guilt of any illegality or cruelty. You too  see the tragedy of dumped dogs, abuse, dying pups around you and you know at it's better to adopt and, NOT buy a pet. And since we are Indian, it’s better to get an Indie Desi Dog, no? Guide them to a shelter, adopters & rescuers online – to many of us who wait endlessly for that home. If families must buy, then guide them, Doctor. Tell them that by law, they must only go to a KAWB registered breeder, only purchase the pup above 2 months old, when they are adequately vaccinated and socialised (else they could be weak, and die of parvo or CD).  When those horrible Breeder uncles come, you don’t want to be involved in anything illegal, so strongly  tell them about the applicable laws -  Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2017, which is so strict on how they  look after the breeder dogs (no cruel cages!) , standards to feed. vaccinate, medicate them, no more than 5 litters  in the dogs entire life span,  adequate space, to live- play -walk etc. Put up a copy on the wall, so they know! Doctor, encourage pet licensing, collaring and name tags. And when ignorant parents come to you, looking to mate their dog, I know you will advise them to be sensible and neuter their dog instead, and that they cannot mate their pet without  medical checks and a proper breeders license from KAWB. Because you know that home breeding and backyard breeding is illegal under this act. I know you will encourage them to keep their pet healthy by neutering them, as it reduces risk of cancer, running away, hormonal induced behaviour, increases acceptability in boardings, parks or other homes while ensuring that illegal breeders do not steal unsuspecting unsterilized vets.


Doctor, you’re busy, but please work closely with  SPCA, KAWB and local welfare folk , especially if you spot cruelty or neglect?  After all, who else do we have? When we come on to your table, please  protect & do all you can for us - don’t just heal but ensure that our  short life is lived under the compassionate purview of the SPCA and that both parents and the pets or community animals enjoy a optimised, happy life as companions. As health workers, vets and healers  on World Veterinary Day, with special focus on welfare & One Health, you know there’s much more we all need to do together, Doctor.  YOU, most of all. Stand up for us, step up for us  !


Dearest, kindest Doctor,  today, on World Veterinary Day, promise pawmise, to do all that going forward- care for your animal patients, ensure you and those around you strictly follow the laws. Then we live in a compassionate, peaceful coexistence, with humans and animals, giving each other the most joy that is possible. Will you make this solemn promise to me today, my Saviour & Protector.. Oh Doctor, my Doctor?


Thank you for your healing  heart, eyes and hands, and God Bless You.

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