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Provision for adequate medical supplies at AHVS Govt Vet Clinics

Updated: May 19, 2023

16 May 2023 Ms. Salma Fahim Secretary to GoK – AHVS & Fisheries Vikasa Soudha Bangalore 560001 Email: Dear Ms. Fahim: Sub: Budget & provision for adequate medical supplies, consumables & basic equipment for small/companion animals at AHVS Dispensaries and clinics While thanking you for your ongoing concern and focus on animal husbandry and welfare in the state of Karnataka as reflected in several innovations and initiatives by your department, we would like to bring to your attention one more critical point that is urgently required to scale up basic animal care across the state. You would recall that we had often requested the list of animal clinics and dispensaries across Bangalore urban and the state along with the relevant directors be made available so that animal lovers and pet owners could access the excellent framework of vets and facilities that Karnataka AHVS has but does not fully leverage. We have the greatest respect for the AHVS vets and their teams who work tirelessly to promote animal husbandry and Animal welfare across the state. To properly leverage this network, we have the following suggestions: 1. Whether a small vet dispensary, clinic, taluk level hospital or even a super specialty Hospital, like Queens there must be adequate stocks of medicines, consumables and equipment required to treat companion animals. At present, what is available is primarily for livestock and this can prove very expensive, often creating loss of life. But Ads & vets they mention that they do not have either instruction or budget, given the initial and primary focus is on livestock. With the emergence of the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board and the greater & dual responsibilities to the AHVS with this, it is critical that we arm the centers of healing with enough material and medicines to save the lives that they are set up to focus on. A list of suggested basic medicines & consumables and equipment is enclosed, and we would request that a formal note and budget provision goes out to make sure that we are able have functional and efficient vet clinics. 2. A list of all clinics and dispensaries across the state with contact numbers and Google pin locations should be made available on the website & disseminated, so that animal lovers who are desperate for some care are able to reach the nearest dispensary to get the critical medical attention and save a life. 3. Inpatient facilities at all clinics, even if it is portable cage/s so that some after-care can be provided. This is missing in almost all the network of centers and must be addressed. 4. Basic ABC facilities & training local vets on current spay procedures (also adding paravets for vaccinations for rabies etc) must be made as the KAWB is also responsible for ensuring highest focus on neuter, vaccination to protect both human and animal population. 5. Mobile Ambulance: while several decisions about mobile ambulance taken and have also been allotted to a few districts we are yet to see any especially in our state capital of Bangalore. The mobile ambulance if equipped with basic life-saving materials and equipment can be a huge game changer in critical care, emergencies, and lifesaving intervention. We request that this that will be given priority and the ambulances that have been allotted be made available and additional ambulances also be procured. While there are many items on an ongoing basis that needs your attention and action, we would request that this particular focus be dial-up and any progress or initiatives taken on this regard be shared with us at your earliest. We have always said that our Karnataka & KAWB will lead our country as its most compassionate & effective animal welfare board - and we are confident that and your leadership and the increasing participation and support of the AHVS veterinary and administrative team we will reach that goal very soon. Thanking You, Yours Sincerely Managing Trustee CC: Dr Palegar, Member Secretary, KAWB


Annexure -1

Basic drugs that are needed – as per Veterinary Experts

0. NS, RL, DNS, d25, 5d, )

1. Enrofloxacin (antibiotic)

2. Ceftriazone (antibiotic)

3. Cpm(for allergies)

4. OTC (antibiotic

5. Rantac (antacid)

6. perinorm (for vomiting)

7. Meloxicam. (Pain killer)

8. Frusamide (diuretic)

9. Beplex(b complex vitamin)

10. ivermectin-(anti- tick)

11. Prednisone (steroid)

12. Dexamethazone (steriod)

13. Vetlog( skin allergies)


15.adrenaline(emergency hormone)

16. Diazepam ( for epilepsy)

17. botrophase (hemostat)

18. Texableed (hemostat)

19. Mannitol (during head injury)

20. Snake anti venom

21.Canglobe p and d for parvo and distemper respectively)

22. Neukine (for parvo virus)

23. Vincristine ( or tvt tumor)

24. Xylazine- sedative

25. Doxycycline- antibiotic

26. Metronidazole- antibiotic

27. Hermin- aminoacid

28. Atropine- to reduce body secretions

29. Ketamine- anesthetic

30. Profofol- anesthetic

31. Thiosol- anesthetic and euthanasia drug

33. Tramadol- painkiller


0. Cotton roll

1. Roller gauze

2. Disposable gloves

3. Paper miliporus tape

4. Cloth adhesive tape

5. Infusion set

6. Canula (24G, 20G,18G)

7. Injections-2ml 5ml tuberculin syringe

8. Butterfly needle- 22G ,20G, 24G, 18G)

9.Blood collection vial-edta(purple)and clot booster(red)

10. Povidone iodine solution

11. Povidone iodine ointment

12. Hydrogen peroxide

13. Boric acid powder

14. Tinture iodine

15. Sprit

16. Potassium permanganate crystals

17. Antibiotic dusting powder

18. Aluminum rods for splint

19. Demoscanil solution (for mange)

20. Ridd solution (for mange)

21. Urinary catheter

22. Nail trimmer, needle holder , scissors, artery forceps, rat tooth forceps.

23. Vicryl suture material

24. Savlon


0. Microscopes and slides and stains

1. Otoscope

2. Critical parameter measuring monitors

3. Ecg machine

4. X ray

5. Ultrasound

6. Inhalant anesthesia machine with oxygen cylinders

7. Oxygen concentrator

8. Blood gas analyser

9. Serum analyser

10. Centrifuge. Machine


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