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SPCA Process Changes Needed

1 Feb 2022

Dr Umapathy

Member Secretary

SPCA, Bangalore Urban

Pashupalana Bhavan, Hebbal


Dear Dr Umapathy:

Subject: Suggestions for Improved process SPCA to ease the case load

First of all thank you for all that you do and support that SPCA has provided to improve animal welfare and prevent cruelty in Bangalore. However as animal lovers we are here to ensure things are done promptly,effectively and with minimal expend of time, effort and energy. Towards this we have a few humble suggestions based on some of our experiences in the last few months particularly the tragic Lara killing at Jayanagarthis week.

1. As you already have a heavy caseload as DD for Bangalore Urban, and a dual responsibility as Member Secretary of SPCA Bangalore Urban, the cruelty cases requiring increasing bandwidth do put a lot of pressure and therefore take a lot more time. While we are grateful for all the effort and hard work that you put in, we strongly suggest that the next layer of officers who are not veterinarians but primarily support and administrative staff be immediately used and leveraged for such cruelty cases. I understand we have 80-90 Veterinary Inspectors/Officers who can be deployed in Bangalore. This will not only ease the load on the practicing veterinarians and Asst Directors in the individual zones, but also allow the KAWB to utilise this excellent task force of nearly 90 staffacross Bangalore with new skills and job expansionthat will certainly enhance their own impact and career. This means that adequate training has to be given to the veterinary officers on animal welfare and cruelty, as well as action items - each one must develop relationships with the local zonal police,animal lovers, veterinary facilities in their own areaand become conversant in filing a suo moto cruelty cases as needed, coordinating on post mortem, ensuring that the police requirements to take forward the case are expedited, as well as overall coordination in the outcome of the case. This excellent group of people can also be used to coordinate with animal lovers on minor cases of animal cruelty, build awareness etc. We would even be happy to create an award for the most impactful veterinary officer under this scheme every year.

2. Post mortem concerns - The post mortem issue despite the SOPs that are in place is a huge problem for us. The tremendous expenditure of energy, follow up, bureaucratic red tape is disproportionate and unmanageable. Today in the case of Lara although the instruction was given yesterday in the evening when body was retrieved,various excuses to delay were given till I called at 1 o'clock this afternoon where the doctor said he was still awaiting x-ray etc even though cremation was scheduled in a few hours. It was surprising that he also suggested that the post mortem could be done in Bidar, which is extremely shocking. While we do understand that this is not the priority for concerned busy doctors, these are rare instances - so it is important that they follow and support all efforts by animal lovers and SPCA to address and prevent cruelty. It is their bounden duty as vets. We absolutely insist that clear systems be setup to ensure that the post-mortems are done in a speedy manner with empathy and with responsiveness to animal lovers or welfare officers who reach out. In this regard I would like to also state that the medico- legal forensic requirements that are provided by the AHVS Hebbal veterinary college must be made available formally available and also 24/7. At present we are not able to access this facility without serious rigmarole & stonewalling- therefore perhaps the college and vice chancellor must be requested by the AHVS Secretary and minister to take these cases with both the full spirit and letter of the law and provide the post mortem service for these poor animal and its caretakers who merely seek justice. At this point we are extremely stretched and very concerned about the unnecessary and needless red tape that has swamped us particularly in the case of Lara. We demand immediate attention on this.

3. We request three basic templates to be made for the FIR by the SPCA. The first one in case of minor cruelty like tying up, hygiene, lack of care etc; the second in case of deliberate cruelty, injury by owner or others to pets or streeties; the third for instances of deliberate and wilful injury and murder which have to be escalated to the highest authority with different references to the appropriate PCA and IPC laws. If this is done, the template becomes very easy for animal lovers and SPCA to manage and to record at the police stations without any misinterpretation or wrong information given and also avoid incorrect , misleading and missing references or laws that could impact the case. A list of all cases must be kept in a google excel sheetfor easy record and access. Please take this as a very important feedback and action item.

4. Police involvement and escalation - without this the work is uphill. My letter to Police Commissioner on this subject is here. We MUST have their participation in SPCA and whole hearted support to prevent cruelty , else SPCA impact is curtailed and uphill.

5. As you are aware, we have made a basic template for the SPCA website ( but the cruelty cases and new rules etc must be recorded on the website so it is available and accessible to all. We request that information via web admin etc could please be allocated so that the website reflects the current state and records of all the excellent work done by the SPCA.

6. At the next meeting we request a proper agenda and outcomes in terms of increasing membership, creating more traction and working towards very categoric outcomes (eg controlling breeders) in the months to come. In this regard we have also sent aletter re budget to the Karnataka Animal Welfare board and to the Animal Husbandry Secretary so that adequate provisions can be made for critical issues like holding facilities for seized animals, better dispensary facilities, more medicine, ABC and so on.

While we understand we have made several different requests in this message, we request that all of these be responded to at the earliest in writing. We are happy to coordinate with you on any actionable items or any assistance that you might need. Please note we are here only to partner with you and collaborate to make the Bangalore SPCA a Model SPCA under your charge . Even our Hon SPCA Chairman Mr Manjunath's instructions in the last meeting, was that he wanted Bangalore Urban to be the best SPCA in the country.

Let us do that !

Thanking you

Your sincerely

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

Managing Trustee

Cc: Mr Manjunath , Chairman, SPCA, Blr & District Commissioner, Bangalore Urban

CC: Ms Salma Fahid, Secretary - AHVS

CC: Dr Palegar, Member Secretary KAWB

CC: Rashmi D’souza, Member, KAWB

CC: Concerned Animal lovers and SPCA Members

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