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We must have those 30 District SPCAs in Karnataka

*Haveri Dist culling dogs* (BUT All’s well now! So read on)

First whatsapp from Apoorva in the @malleswaram canine squad was 23 Dec 2020 at 2.54pmand matter resolved by 5.04 pm. Hats off to #KAWB, Karnataka Animal Welfare Board! And also all us at ACT Who acted! If we all step up and KAWB suppprts, how many lives could we save, outside of Blr too ACT- AH&VS Citizen Taskforce.

Here’s how it went:

_Apoorva _Malleswaram Canine Squad : I take care of a bunch of community dogs here in Byadagi, Haveri Dist. A while ago the municipality vehicle came announcing they will catch and take away al the dogs if they are on the street. If we want to keep any we have to tie them in.. They are gonna kill them all.

This is a small town in Haveri district. Named Byadagi. I want to stop it. How can I do it. Please help.

_Priya_: Facebook it . So it is OUT there. Tag MVM n us . Call Dr Umapathy of KAWB and insist they speak to local DC District Commr . S. B. Shettennavar 08375-249088

_Apoorva_: I will try all the ways. I'm at the local municipality office.

They are like we have received countless complaints so we decided to do it.

But they have right now heard me out when I said legally it's not allowed at all. And that ABC program is the only way to do it. Several behavioural problems will be reduced too. Like mother being protective around puppies. Female dogs in heat attracting males of other areas and males fighting between each other. For the same. Causing fear and tension in neighbors which I personally had witnessed and that evey 6 months a dog can give birth to a bunch more.

They are like fine we agree but who will bear al the cost.

Aren't they suppose to bear it 😟?

Il call them all. Im calling so many people they just keep passing the line to another person.

Finally I have been asked to talk to the commissioner now

_Priya_: BBMP here Wd never allow this. But since it’s another district Haveri, Ask them to call Dr Umapathy. He’s is Member Secretary of KAWB ie Karnataka Animal Welfare Board and this is under him

Dr Umapathy : I'm member secretary only to Bangalore SPCA . So plz contact Dr.Rajukuler member secretary of Havery. Here is the number .

_Apoorva_:Thank you so much mam🙏🙏

I had the meeting with the officers. Il share the outputsThey have agreed to stop the process now

They got the call from Blore and the local district officers have warned the municipality about it.

Tomorrow I'm meeting them again with the hope of initiating ABC ❤🤗

_Priya_ : Dr Umapathi you are to be congratulated for your quick action that resulted in the stoppage of this potential carnage . When I look at this incredible cute puppy and I know she has her life saved, it’s thanks to YOU.

Now if @⁨Dr AHVS Shivaram and you can encourage the DD at Haveri District to start ABC with Apoorva’s support, that wouid be a great extension on the KAWB spirit_:

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