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Get 24/7 Queens Super Specialty Hospital up to speed

The Secretary, GoK – AHVS & Fisheries

Vikasa Soudha


Dear Madam:

Subject : Request to Queens super speciality hospital into genuine, 24/7, fully fledged mode.

We are grateful to the government for having set up this super speciality hospital, and even more so for the compassionate decision by the minister Mr Chauhan and the (then) secretary Major Manivannan to ensure the hospital was made 24/7 to address all animals with best of facilities, as befits its name. A lot of initial work was put in by all the AHVS team into this, and citizens like us were also closely involved and supporting . We also wrote in detail on doing this across phases, and highlighted possible concerns we could pre-empt. The mail trail is enclosed. However, one year later we find the following:

First there is still no inpatient facility. This has to be attended to on priority, as kennels are available. Thereby actual treatment except for basic injections, first aid and minor surgery and treatment is not available. The doctors simply refer the cases either to Hebbal auto an NGO this is exactly the opposite of what a super speciality hospital should be doing! In fact this should be a gold standard where like many cities in India private hospitals aspire to the academic and operational standards set up by the government department. In the initial stages, the system needs to settle, but it’s now over a year.

The actual working after regular hours is skeletal at best- the sense of pride of working for the first 24/7 hospital in the country and genuinely creating impact for the animals does not seem to be present. It should be an aspirational facility. Many inputs on vets not present or facilities and support being sketchy have come in. A structured approach to having good vets , backed up by highly motivated interns needs to be inculcated the super speciality facilities. Let’s think compassion and vet care gold standards. There is limited participation on the WhatsApp group created for this.

Queens SSH Infrastructure remains incomplete without generator, blood bank etc and even the scanning and X ray facilities cannot be operated after hours because of a lack of technicians. This has been repeatedly pushed by each secretary from August last year and despite formal go ahead, provisions for staff, yet nothing has been done at all. Don’t we want things to work? Animals clearly suffer because injured cases after hours are turned away every day. Complex Surgeries that require some level of focus like orthopaedic or oncology etc seem to be dismissed or referred outside all the time. However much we are grateful for the Queens SSH, the question we have been hearing from several patients is why does it exist and why is it called the Super Speciality Hospital when services and facilities are basic at best.

The Hospital charges are higher than Hebbal, (even double) and this is also a cause for concern. Most understand it has clearly been put in only to disincentivise the marginalised citizen or rescuers from coming in and also to underline a strong bias against companion animals. Many in AHVS have openly said we are focused on livestock, and don’t want to waste time. This has been noticed by several people and given the fact that Bangalore is state capital with perhaps the highest cohort of pet parents & animal lovers and rescuers surely this place should be the ideal facility for all animals, not just livestock.

The attempt to involve the KAWB to ensure cruelty laws are followed, posters and signages to help people understand what is needed, access to pharmacy and materials for patients, is not there. The range of drugs & materials ,even Anti Rabies vaccine is in limited stock. Animals are being dumped her and there is no support from AHVS, rather they are blaming & dumping it on rescuers. Please action this online petition on dumped dogs, sent to you.

There are many issues that need attention but most importantly, it’s for a sense of pride and ownership for the first 24/7 SSH in the state , and a desire to make it succeed and thrive rather than stumble or fail. The AHVS Commissioner and Director should have an open house once a month to take suggestions & feedback on this. I think some action is urgently needed before an excellent 24/7 facility set up with the best of intentions, starts winding down. That would be a crying shame.

Look forward to the support and action of the AHVS Department and the Commissioner & Director’s personal overview to develop this pride of place for the city & state. Thank you !



CC: All concerned - AHVS Minister. Director. AHVS , Commissioner AH & Fisheries et al

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