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#HappyKindDiwali 2022

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Traditional yet Woke ? Yes  #HappyKindDiwali is here!

We can’t wait to celebrate the Festival of Lights & Prosperity. With India moving up the global ranks in prosperity and sustainability here is a wonderful chance for us to reflect that in our beautiful festival and Diwali tradition.

Generosity, good food and fun, twinkling diyas& lights, visitors and the sound of Pooja bells & of family laughter, are our tradition, Loud crackers, sound and fury isn’t what Diwali is about. In addition, the Supreme Court has made it very clear that only green crackers, specific timings and civic empathy should prevail. Any flouting of these rules would mean contempt of Supreme Court by the local police station house officer (SHO) . And we know it's not their fault, but the SHO shoulders all responsibility and therefore needs to step up. . But isn’t it appropriate for all of us as citizens who care for our older people, the ill, scared little children and voiceless animals, come together to help each other and raise the bar for a truly joyous festival? Always better to preempt, rather than react or confront WHEN something happens, wouid you agree?

If anyone can, Bangalore can. So lets do it.

So what can you do?

  1. Citizens - Know the Supreme Court Rules on this, work with your local police station n SHO, BBMP Team esp Nodal & Health officers, Check any illegal cracker sales Speak to the groups below to action

  2. BBMP - Send out awareness on only green crackers, timings , Festival of Lights , encourage green cracker access , sales . Have community lights and green cracker events. Zonal Joint Commissioner for each zone to take full responsibility via ward committee and corporators on having the most pollution free festive season.

  3. Police: Awareness, announcements via Hoysala, reporting of online cracker sales to cybercrime, crackdown on merchants. Training to SHOs and constables, keeping Hoysala/Cheetahs ready.

  4. RWA & AOA: share in WhatsApp etc that lights, green crackers and sweets only . Highlight Supreme Court order and that we shd be law abiding.

  5. KSPCB - Pollution Board should sent out strong message on this and publish air and sound quality and pollution data.

  6. Medical/Hospital Associations - share the problems caused to ill patients in hospitals & clinics, and the high impact of pollution on people . higher disease, coughing etc

  7. KAWB/SPCA - to issue advance circulars, prep districts and AW officers and monitor to avoid cruelty.

  8. Politicians - CM , MPs, MLAs Corporators downwards , (especially Health Minister)send out messaging to your constituencies. Lets see whether you truly care for your constituents. Add value, don't politicise or bring in religion in a wrong way. Get prominent people to message & endorse.

  9. Bureaucrats - send out the message of Civic Compassionate Bangalore reflecting its sustainability in the festival. Circulars to govt offices, getting prominent citizen endorsements etc.

  10. Facility Management/Security Companies : please keep clients and associations posted.

The Best Diwali ever - the #HappyKindDiwali !

Good wishes and Blessings to you and yours

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