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India's first pet shop crackdown conducted - by KAWB in Bangalore

KAWB Pet Shop Raid 11 Jan 2022 - the first such joint action crackdown on pet shops in India . Under the leadership of two stalwart women IAS officers AHVS Secretary Salma Fahim and Commr AHVS Aswathi, the KAWB teams and strategized by Gauri Maulekhi of PFA Delhi- based on strong recce and reports by activists n lawyers like Aarti in Bangalore. We were on calls and zoom calls from days before to plan this out in all detail. The Blr SPCA, KAWB , BBMP , NGOs n Volunteers and most importantly Police came together in a seamless crackdown across the day. 1600 animals, mostly birds seized. Details in note above. Proud of the team and I have a little bit of hope now .

Maybe the idea of a joint action task force we petitioned isnt too far away. :-) We live and hope,,,

But the foundation needs settling in - we can’t build a skyscraper just yet.

“The PCA Act and implementation of the Pet Shop Rules 2019 got a shot in the arm in Karnataka with the seamless, smooth & focused joint action on Pet Shops today. A strong message. To see the AHVS secretary Ms Salma Fahim driving this so meticulously gives us hope that this State Animal Welfare Board not only means business now, but cd soon position Karnataka as the most aware & animal compassionate state in India .”

The last para in the pres note shows the welfare direction KAWB has taken on adoption and Indies - a big plus : "We urge the public to note the rules on purchase of pets - to verify & buy (pups minimum 45 days old) only from KAWB registered breeders & pet’s shops. In addition, we strongly suggest adoption of pets from animal shelters, specifically Indie dogs. #AdoptDontShop."

News links - partial list


PRESS NOTE dated 11.1.2023 By The Karnataka Animal Welfare Board, Bengaluru On the Joint action taken by the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board, along with the Bengaluru City Police, BBMP, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department and Animal Welfare Activists. Background: 1. The breeding of pet animals like the dogs and the sale of pets (which includes dogs, cats etc.) are covered by the legislations as below: a. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and rules made thereunder namely: b. PCA, Pet Shop Rules, 2016 c. PCA, Dog (Breeding and Marketing Rules) 2016. 2. The KAWB has been receiving complaints from various quarters on the following aspects: a. Non-compliance to the Pet Rules, where those involved in the sale of Pets need to register their establishments with KAWB b. Violations Under Sec 11 (1) and 38(3) of PCA Act involving cruelty to animals. 3. In order to educate and warn those involved in violation of the acts and rules, a newspaper advertisement was issued in 2021 in both English and Kannada. Also, the veterinary doctors from BBMP visited the locations and asked them to register and conduct the business as per norms. 4. Notices were issued to 44 shops. Of which 24 of them applied for license and obtained the same. The rest 20 have been issued notices for closure. 5. Meanwhile, KAWB also received one detailed complaint from Humane Society International in December 2022 about illegal pet shops in the city operating in complete violation of the Pet Shop Rules. 6. Hence, it was decided to inspect and take action on such pet shops, as per law. ACTION TAKEN TODAY: 7. Today, a joint team of a. KAWB, coordinated by Smt. Aswathi, IAS, Commissioner, AHVS; b. Bengaluru City Police, coordinated by the DCP, Crime Shri Badrinath and various DCP’s of different zones; c. the squads from BBMP Veterinary department d. the staff of Animal Husbandry department coordinated by Addl Director P Srinivas e. KAWB authorized NGO Animal Cruelty Inspectors coordinated by Ms Aarti Bhavana, Advocate acted in 7 separate teams and inspected multiple locations in the city where animals are kept and sold. 8. The teams found that in most of the locations, there were violations like keeping the animals in overcrowded and unclean cages, displaying unweaned puppies for sale, keeping animals without access to food or water, and not attending to the injuries and infection in the animals. 9. Apart from that the Pet shops were found to operate without any license. 10. The animals that needed treatment and kept in cruel conditions were rescued and will be kept under the custody of recognized facilities in accordance with law. The details of the seized animals is given below: Exotics (823) African parrots- 94 Partridge-12 Budgerigars/Love birds- 302 Finches-389 Turkey-1 Cockatiels- 21 African crow- 3 Red eared slider-1 Domestic (521) Pigeons/Doves- 196 Rabbits- 108 Ducks- 11 Hamster- 38 Hens- 103 Dogs- 34 Cats- 12 Mice- 19 Total: 1344 individuals, 16 species 11. India’s pet industry is a multi-crore industry, where animals are unfortunately treated as commodities, with no regard for their needs or wellbeing. The Rules are crucial to ensure that breeders/pet traders do not inflict untold cruelty upon these animals and discard them when they no longer serve their commercial purpose. Unfortunately, pet shops are frequently found to be treating animals as shelf-stock and inventory, with little care for their needs as living creatures. Complaints against these pet shops for housing animals in filthy, cramped conditions, and not providing ready access to fresh water, food or medical treatment initiated this action. 12. The Government of India notified the Pet Shop Rules to prevent animal cruelty in the pet trade industry. The Rules require certain infrastructure, including areas of segregation to avoid spread of diseases between animals, record maintenance for traceability and minimum care standards. 13. We want to thank the Chief Commissioner BBMP, Shri. Tushar Girinath, IAS, the Commissioner of Police, Shri. Reddy, IPS, the Additional Commissioner of Police, (Admn) Shri. Chandrasekhar, IPS, the Joint CP Sharanappa IPS, the BBMP officers, CCF and ED, Bannerghatta Biological Park Shri Sunil Panwar IFS, the NGO teams headed by Ms. Gauri Mauleki and Ms. Priya Chetty Rajgopal involved in this inspection. 14. Through this press note, KAWB wants to communicate to the public at large their responsibility in checking the license of the person who sells the pet to them. We urge the public to note the rules on purchase of pets - to verify & buy (pups minimum 45 days old) only from KAWB registered breeders & pet’s shops. In addition, we strongly suggest adoption of pets from animal shelters, specifically Indie dogs. #AdoptDontShop. 15. In case anybody finds any violation, they may call the 24x7 helpline: +91 82771 00200 or telegram or tweet on Sd/-

Aswathi, IAS

Member, KAWB


Salma K Fahim, IAS

Vice chairman, KAWB


Prabhu Chauhan

Hon’ble Minister, AH and Chairman, KAWB.

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