The Squad - Launch of WhatsApp Communities

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

After the success of whatsapp groups like Cubbon Park Canines, Knights of Cubbon Bark, Cunningham Canine Squad, JP Nagar Mini Commune, we felt that we should try and create some structure around the localisation and community in the effort to produce effective, resilient and informed Community Guardians.

The use of the word Squad creates a sense of purpose and being uniformed, armed and goal oriented. The common branding also creates a single united canine platform for Bangalore and allows sharing of best practices. The addition of both compassionate animal lovers, officials and specialist team members creates a diversity and spread of effective outcome oriented results , without losing out on warmth, we-feeling and community that motivates it. The removal of any commercial element whatsoever confirms its integrity and singleminded purpose.

*Objective* :

  • Create Communities locality wise

  • Strengthen community guardianship

  • Create standard action templates for feeding, rescue and escalation

  • More focused animal work rather than the haphazard AK47 approach used now

  • Create a sense of warmth & interdependence

  • Dovetailing with larger community and RWA

  • Involvement of local BBMP, SAWB and police in area

  • Channelise group wisdom and knowledge management on neuter, abuse, rescue & cruelty

  • Loyalty and brand as seen in a common logo


  • Buzzing WhatsApp groups creating a framework for anything animal related in Blr

  • Templates for cookie cutter community efforts that can be standardized all Blr/state/India

  • More ABC, structured feeding, more #AdoptDontShop, faster effective rescues, less cruelty, less illegal breeders and pet shops

  • Better funding for community effort

  • Recognition by AWBI and Civic authorities .

Take a quick survey on the Squads an win a voucher for feeding

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